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The Memo Pad

The Memo Pad is a convenient way to keep track of listings of interest to you that you may wish to reference again. The Memo Pad functions are accessed through the blue Memo Pad link on the menu bar at the top of the MONEY Home Page.

Entries in the Memo Pad can be added and removed by opening up a listing. Please click on a listing's "business name" to view the detailed listing which will be coloured blue.

When a listing's detailed view is opened it will be presented in a new window. At the bottom of the Details page there is a check box which will be labelled either "Add to Memo Pad" or "Memo Pad" if this listing is already in the "Memo Pad".

In this way individual search results can be added or removed from the Memo Pad when you are browsing a business's details.




If you wish to remove all the entries in Memo Pad at once then open the Memo Pad in the MONEY Home page and click the "Clear the Memo Pad" link in blue.

A few points to note:

Memo Pad entries rely on cookies. If your browser is set to reject cookies you will not be able to use the Memo Pad functions.

Any entry in your Memo Pad is kept for a maximum period of six (6) months.

Browsers may have different limits on the number of entries that can be stored in the Memo Pad. If the limit for memos is exceeded, generally the oldest entry in the Memo Pad will be replaced by the most recent entry.

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