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The primary form of advertising on is a standard listing in our online Australian Financial Services Directory.

Each listing at contains:

  • A business name.
  • A text description of the business's activities.
  • A list of services and products that can quickly be selected by visitors using the search system.
  • An optional corporate logo.

All text in the listing can be found by keyword searches. Additional products or services not found in the menu systems can be included in your listing in order to promote even greater visibility.

The list of financial services and products at is only a few clicks away to every visitor: Select Category --> then select a Service or Product and click the Search button.

The text or "copy" in a listing can be updated freely whenever you wish. There is one flat annual fee for each listing.

The listing fee is based on the number of States that a business provides services in. Currently the listing fee ranges from $200 for a single State listing to $400 for a national or nationwide listing.

Corporate Group Discounts are available please contact us for further information regarding discounted fees for multiple listings.

Banner advertising is also included in the Advertising Inventory. Generate awareness and increased enquiry for your products and services on

At our advertising inventory offerings include:

  • Banner 468x60 - Head of Home Page
  • 120x240 Mini Tower - Featured Business
  • Medium Rectangle 300x250
  • Wide Skyscraper 160x600 uses IAB standards but has additional maximum file size restrictions for some key banners. Please confirm that banners supplied will comply before placement.

A number of custom offerings are also available so please contact us to discuss your requirements and current rates.

Minimum one month campaign period.

Contact Andrew Nutting at Pty. Limited on 1300 662 544 for further details.

To contact Andrew via email please click here. accepts payment by cheque as well as direct money transfer. supplies all Tax Invoices and Statements in PDF format.

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