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Our aim is to promote your business through your listing at Pty. Ltd. is a wholly Australian owned and operated business.

To be eligible to list on this site a business must be a genuine business with a physical presence in Australia and be part of the Australian Financial Services Sector or be qualified to be included in one or more of the MONEY Categories.

Please determine in advance the Category for your listing. We suggest that you have a concise and informative description of your business of up to 250 words which will form the body of your listing. This description will play a major role in assisting customers to find your business at

You may update and change your business's listing at your discretion.

The next step involves selecting check boxes specific to your listing Category. These products and services are displayed on the left hand side of each listing.

We encourage you to include a corporate logo to enhance your listing. reserves the right to selectively display the logo with the listing summary.

For businesses that provide services in more than one Category, we recommend using multiple listings to effectively utilize our search engine facilities at

Large businesses may also wish to consider multiple State or regional based listings.

After submitting your listing for posting you will be given the opportunity to check and review your new listing.

Our staff will then review your listing and contact you via email with details of the listing fee payment. This process will usually take less than a week from the time of submission and depends in part on the payment method chosen.

The payment of the listing fee is then collected by cheque or direct money transfer payment.

Your listing will not be visible until it is reviewed, monies payable cleared and the listing activated by our staff.

I have read and agree to the Listing Terms and Conditions

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