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CommSec Direct Funds
CommSec Direct Funds

Save up to 100% on entry fees when you invest in managed funds through CommSec Direct Funds.

Managed and superannuation funds are an easy way to invest in shares, property, bonds - you can even set up a Self Managed Super Fund with CommSec SMSF Manager.

CommSec Direct Funds has over 800 funds available to investors from over 40 fund managers. Our online research tools that make it easy compare and research funds, track fund performance and find a fund that matches your investor profile.

When you invest through CommSec Direct Funds, we'll rebate some or all of the normal fund entry fee, saving you up to 4% every time you invest.

As registered CommSec client, you can create a portfolio to keep track of the value of your investments in funds and review the overall asset allocation of the portfolio.

You can start investing with as little as $1,000, then build your investment with regular contributions of only $100 a month.

Please visit our website to learn more about CommSec Direct Funds.

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