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Leveraged Equities Limited
Leveraged Equities Limited

At Leveraged Equities, we believe it pays to specialise. By focusing on one thing and doing it better than anyone else in the market, we can take pride in being one of Australia's leading margin lenders. Our range of wealth financing products is one of the most flexible and comprehensive in the Australian market.

A Leveraged Equities Margin Loan allows you to borrow to invest in shares, managed funds, master trusts and assets within wrap accounts. You can also use the borrowed funds for other investment or business purposes.

Using your own portfolio of funds in combination with a Leveraged Equities Margin Loan enables you to increase your investment opportunities more than if you were solely using your own assets.

We also have a range of other wealth financing products and features to a Margin Loan that can offer you flexibility in your investment needs.

Part of our service is ensuring a dedicated Account Manager is available to assist you or your financial adviser when you require it.

We recognise that our success depends on the success of our clients.

To find out more about what Leveraged Equities can offer you, call our Client Service Team or visit our website.

1300 307 807
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Level 3, 24 York Street
NSW  2000

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