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 1    Getting a tax refund this year? Don't spend it! If your credit card debt is under control consider putting it straight into your super fund. You've worked for the money, so once you've got it, make it work for you ... everyday.  
        Tip No. 106  ..... anonymous   
 2    If you purchase lots of products each year online and your use of Internet shopping is increasing, consider a separate credit card, with a small credit limit, for exlusive use with your Internet purchases.  
        Tip No. 65  ..... anonymous   
 3    Consider fees such as entry fees, on-going fees and exit fees before you make a decision about a product. Most financial products have fees of some sort associated with the following stages of ownership; acquisition, management, retention and finally disposal.  
        Tip No. 46  ..... anonymous   
 4    Before making purchases, ask yourself; Do I need this, or do I merely want this? Whilst it's nice to indulge occasionally, making smart, disciplined purchases will result in a much fatter bank balance and a less cluttered home!  
        Tip No. 76  ..... anonymous   
 5    Guard against investment uncertainty by truly diversifying your investment portfolio and holding a variety of asset classes.  
        Tip No. 44  ..... anonymous   
 6    If you need to purchase an item, shop around for the best deal. Don't only look at the initial cost, but also any ongoing costs associated and research the quality of the product to increase chances of getting best value for money.  
        Tip No. 115  ..... Steve Grima   
 7    Shop around for a high interest savings account with low on-going fees, online access and perhaps its own debit card facility. Make your money work for you 24/7. A bit of investigation online will be worth the trouble, surprise yourself. We had to tighten the family finance belt but after looking realised that I had been too complacent for way too long and was really throwing money away.  
        Tip No. 104  ..... anonymous   
 8    Have your kids earn their pocket money by doing small jobs around the house. Rather than having a set amount doled out each week, they have an opportunity to earn more, or less. This teaches them an important lesson about the value of money. Then if they choose not to spend their pocket money you could pay them interest on their savings each week, maybe an extra five cents for every dollar they have saved.  
        Tip No. 103  ..... anonymous   
 9    Look for a bank with free sub accounts for your savings, its easier to transfer money and you can get an interest rate of up to 7% on your savings.  
        Tip No. 90  ..... anonymous   
 10    Not many of us know when our annual credit card fee will be charged or perhaps how much it is. It's a good idea to know and consider if a low fee and low rate card might be a better alternative. If you have a good credit history, rather than lose you, your financial institution will probably switch you over without a lot of hassle. Sometimes you just have to ask and it can save you some money, every year!  
        Tip No. 105  ..... anonymous   
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