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Guide to Upgrading Your Car

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Shaun McGowan

What’s the best way to upgrade your car?

Upgrading your car can be an exciting decision, a necessary one, or a regretful one.

Whether you’re doing it for work, family, or just to get yourself a nicer set of wheels, here are the best ways to upgrade your car so you can get your money's worth out of the decision.

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Upgrading your car for work

  • Upgrading for work

This is one of the few times you have some amazing potential options.

If you’re looking to upgrade your car for work, you might want to first check out whether your employer offers a novated lease.

This type of finance uses your pre-tax salary to finance a car (so you pay less tax at the end of the year) and actually has some amazing benefits if you can qualify.

Learn more about the benefits of upgrading your vehicle with a novated lease.

  • Starting your own business

If you’re starting your own business, or if you’re self-employed and need a vehicle to take your existing business to the next level, consider business car finance when upgrading.

For example using a chattel mortgage to not only finance a business and personal vehicle, but get some nice GST benefits as well.

You can learn more about a chattel mortgage here.

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For business owners, check with your accountant on the best way to finance your car. Check for the Instant Asset Write Off which is available in your very next BAS.

Upgrading your car when starting a family

Even in the earlier stages of a long-term relationship, you might consider trading in one of your vehicles to reduce your costs and start sharing a single car.

Even better, you might want to trade both in, and consider choosing a new car that suits both of you.

This goes two-fold for when it’s time to welcome another member of your family into the world, so if you’re thinking about upgrading your car when starting a family, pay close attention to features like:

  • Safety ratings and crash-test performance
  • Airbags, blind-spot monitoring, auto braking, and other safety technology
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Maintenance costs

Check out our guide to the Top 10 Best Family Cars.

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