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Can you get a Car Loan if you've been discharged bankrupt?

Written by

Shaun McGowan

Trying to get a car loan once you’ve been bankrupt can feel like a daunting task.

Even if you’ve made amends and recovered financially, trying to prove this to a lender can make a car loan application feel more like an interrogation.

Thankfully, you’re not alone. Around 10,000 Aussies declare bankruptcy every year and, if you’re one of them, getting a car loan isn’t as hard as you might think.

Here’s how you can do it.

How to get a car loan if you’ve been bankrupt

If you’re still going through bankruptcy and haven’t yet been discharged, it will be very difficult to get a car loan. There may be very rare instances where it’s possible, but this is almost never a good idea.

Wait until you’ve been discharged, and you’ll find your options increase greatly.

Once you’ve been discharged, you’ll be able to start repairing your credit score and looking for lenders that you can qualify with.

The most important aspect to remember when it comes to qualifying is in convincing the lender that the issues that brought on your bankruptcy are in the past, and that you can be trusted to repay the money.

It’s really that simple; once you’ve been bankrupt, lenders think it’s really risky to lend you money. Your one job here is to convince them that you’re not as risky as they think.

How your credit history affects your loan options with Money Matchmaker

Ready to see if you qualify? Use the Money Matchmaker™ now to see if you can qualify for a car loan - no obligation and no impact on your credit score. We’ll compare the best loans we can find from our available pool of lenders, personalised entirely based on a few simple questions, and you can see exactly how much you’ll pay with each lender.

Choosing a car loan when you’ve been bankrupt

Once you’re ready to start comparing car loans, you’ll need to be aware that (even if you’ve completely moved on from bankruptcy) your credit score will still be in the lower digits.

The lower your credits score, the tougher it will be to find a great deal. This isn’t because they aren’t out there, but because you’ll need to pay closer attention to things like:

  • The amount you borrow. The lower the amount you request from a lender, the more likely it is you’ll get approved, and the better chance you have of comfortably repaying the loan.
  • The interest rates. Like the amount you borrow, interest rates fluctuate depending on how risky you appear to the lender. The shorter the term, and the lower the amount, the better your interest rates will be.
  • The fees. Interest rates aren’t everything though, and you’ll need to pay very close attention to any fees that might be included in your loan. Where possible, try and negotiate these down or remove them entirely - you don’t want to increase your debt if you can avoid it!
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