How to Get a Discount on Fitness First Gym Memberships

How To Get Discounted Fitness First Membership Prices

Fitness First has quickly become the number one gym in Australia, with more locations and better facilities than many of the other gym franchises. As Fitness First gets bigger, it seems so do their membership prices.

Readers are always asking about ways to save money on Fitness First membership prices, and the fact is: The cost of a Fitness First membership can drastically change depending on how good you are at bargaining, getting a better deal and negotiating with salespeople.

Like most sales-oriented businesses, Fitness First has the ability to give out discretionary discounts on Fitness First prices and memberships. We’ll teach you how to get them. We’ll also discuss a few other ways you can get a discount on Fitness First memberships, including how you could reduce the cost of your membership by 50%.

Discount 1: Fitness First family and friend’s discount

Each employee of Fitness First is given a set number of family and friend passes to give out. These passes tend to entitle someone they know to a discounted rate of $15 per week instead of upwards of $26 per week, a saving of $11 per week or $572 per year.

Discount 2: Negotiating with Fitness First Consultants

It is unlikely however that you will know someone at Fitness First, so here is a method where you could save $572 a year just through negotiating. Remember: Fitness First consultants are incentivised by sign-ups, so you are worth something to them.

6 Simple Steps to get a Cheap Fitness First membership:

  • Ring your local Fitness First.
  • Tell them you are considering switching gyms and your current rate is $15 per week.
  • Tell them that you heard Fitness First can match this with a family and friends discount.
  • They will likely try and play hardball and tell you there are none available
  • Let them know that the only way you will sign up is if this rate can be matched, even if it means you have to sign a 12-month contract (this way you are both giving each other a trade-off)
  • If they do not put you on hold or say yes, tell them that if they could ask around with their colleagues and ring you back, you would greatly appreciate it, otherwise you will just stay at your current gym.

Bonus Tip: Use Fitness First monthly targets to your advantage

Fitness First use high-level sales tactics with their teams; they have quotas to meet and, like many businesses, can discount their rates toward the end of the month to help them meet their targets:

  • Don’t be afraid to ring them a few days before the end of the month and request a lower monthly rate, perhaps even at the family and friends discount.
  • Their trained sales team will say it can’t be done, that they won’t make any money, and other sales-focussed lines - do your best to ignore this!
  • They will likely want you to come in to discuss, a tactic that gives them the upper hand.
  • Instead, ask them to match the rate you have ‘heard about’ and tell them you are willing to come in and sign up right away if they can do this.
  • If they still won’t accept, tell them you will have to try elsewhere politely and ask them to call you back if they can find a way to accept your offer.

Chances are, you’ll receive a return phone call with a discounted offer on the last day of the month!

Important: Negotiating Fitness First rates and fees

Joining Fee Admin Fee
  • Negotiable - You can often request this be waived and have the joining fee successfully removed.
  • Non-negotiable - This is generally the sales commission of the person you are speaking to. If they waived this, there would be no incentive to bring you on as a member, so avoid trying to negotiate this!

Discount 3: Fitness First deals & offers

Fitness First gyms offer discounts, deals, and offers based on seasonal points in the year. For example, on 1 January they might offer the ‘new year, new body’ special.

While these seasonal deals and offers may save you a little bit of money, you can use the discount tips in this guide to get cheaper Fitness First membership than a one-off special deal.

You can also find free trial passes for Fitness First on Google, simply search for a free trial pass to Fitness First and you will be able to print a single-use ticket entry to Fitness First!

Discount 4: Get 50% off your gym membership!

You can get a 50% discount on Fitness First Passport, Platinum, or Black memberships by joining AIA Vitality.

There is a condition to using the AIA Vitality perks, however - your AIA Vitality membership must be active for you to use the discount. To counter that, you can also get 20% cash back:

  • If you attend a Fitness First club 24 times per quarter AIA Vitality will give you a 20% cashback bonus. 24 times per quarter is twice a week, so if you love going to the gym, this could be the ultimate saving tip!

Learn how to get better gym membership deals anywhere

The tips above are not exclusively for Fitness First. Instead, see them as a 101 course in getting a better gym membership deal from anywhere. Most gyms operate in the same way when it comes to sales, you might find these tactics work on all gyms - including some of the newer franchises popping up around Australia!

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