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Australia's Money Matchmaker matching you with your best loans across multiple lenders
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Loans for e-bikes

Written by

Shaun McGowan

An e-bike loan is a personal loan between $2,000 and $100,000, offered by lenders for a period of between one and seven years.

These loans can be secured or unsecured, depending on the value of any existing assets (property or vehicles) or the value of the asset you purchase (your e-bike).

Secured loans will require you to provide collateral of equal or greater value than the loan amount in return for a better deal, while unsecured loans usually cost more overall but offer greater freedom in how you use the funds.

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Secured vs unsecured e-bike loans

A secured personal loan uses one of your assets as security, usually property or a vehicle, which you then use as collateral on the loan amount. This provides greater security to the lender that you will meet all your repayments.

The two main benefits of a secured e-bike loan are:

  • The ability to access a greater amount of finance
  • Generally lower repayments than unsecured loans

The two main benefits of an unsecured e-bike loan are:

  • The lack of security required for loan approval
  • The freedom to use the money however you choose

The real question to ask at this point is whether you’ll require additional funds beyond the purchase of the e-bike itself.

  • Will you need insurance?
  • Protective gear?
  • Servicing?

Because these additional costs aren’t included in the value of the asset (the e-bike), you may need to use an alternative asset with a higher value as collateral if you want to qualify for a secured loan.

Compare unsecured and secured personal loan interest rates in Australia.

Secured car loans are loans where your purchase is used as security

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How to get an e-bike loan

You can qualify for an e-bike loan in Australia if you are:

  • Over the age of 18; and
  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident; and
  • Employed or have a regular source of income

If you meet the basic eligibility for a personal loan, you will then need to compare lenders and assess their individual approval criteria.

To get an e-bike loan you will need to:

You can ensure your application is processed faster by preparing supporting documents before applying, including:

  • Proof of identity - e.g. passport or driver licence
  • Proof of income - e.g. payslips, bank statements
  • Details of any current debts or other loans

You will need to provide personal identification and financial documents (usually your bank statements or recent payslips), as lenders will need to assess your financial stability and determine if you can service the loan amount.

How to qualify for a loan in Australia

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*Information about comparison rates Comparison rates are designed to allow borrowers to understand the true cost of a loan by taking into account fees and charges, the loan amount and the term of the loan. The comparison rate is based on an unsecured fixed rate personal loan of $10,000 over 3 years. WARNING: Comparison rates are true only for the examples provided and may not include all fees and charges. Different terms, fees or loan amounts might result in a different comparison rate.