How To Get a Virgin Active Discount Membership

Virgin Active Gym Discounts

Virgin Active is increasingly becoming the best gym in Australia. Its facilities, classes and gym membership prices see it leading the way in terms of quality and value for money. Depending on your location, a flexible membership plan with Virgin Active can cost $1,820 per year. In less than 15 minutes, you could reduce this by over $900!

How to get a cheap Virgin Active discount membership in 3 simple steps:

  • Purchase an eligible insurance policy with AIA
  • Activate your AIA Vitality membership
  • Give Virgin Active your Vitality membership ID

How Virgin Active discount memberships work

Virgin Active discount memberships are available to AIA Vitality customers. AIA is an insurance provider that offers health and life insurance, and provides a range of benefits to its ‘AIA Vitality’ members.

This includes a 50% discount on Virgin Active flexible gym memberships for eligible policyholders. Given the average weekly Virgin Active gym membership costs $35.00, this represents a saving of over $900 per year by simply holding one of your life or health insurance policies with AIA.

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You don’t need to hold both health and life insurance with AIA to get these discounts, you simply need one eligible policy.

How to get a cheap Virgin Active membership via AIA Vitality

It’s wise to note that the 50% discount only applies to Virgin Active’s ‘Active Me’ flexible membership plan. This is a month by month plan (not a contract) and is currently charged at around $35. There is currently no sign-up fee for joining Virgin Active ‘Active Me’ plan.

Important: Your AIA Vitality membership must be active for you to use the discount.

If you have a contract already, or appear to be on another plan, please check with Virgin Active on whether you are eligible for the discounted membership before reading on.

Step 1: Purchase an eligible insurance policy

Firstly, you are going to need a policy from AIA Insurance. AIA primarily sells its insurance through financial advisors, however, they do also sell directly to the public.

You can purchase policies online via:

  • RAC Insurance
  • RACQ Insurance
  • myOwn insurance
  • GMHBA insurance

Make sure to confirm that your desired policy offers access to the AIA Vitality membership program before purchasing.

Step 2: Activate your AIA Vitality membership

Within 1 - 2 days, you should receive a welcome pack via e-mail. This welcome pack will include links to sign up for AIA Vitality. This will require you to register on the AIA Vitality website by entering a few basic details about yourself.

Upon registering, you should be issued with a Vitality membership number.

Step 3: Give Virgin Active your Vitality membership ID

Simply hand over your membership number and request your discount. It should immediately reduce your weekly costs from $35 to $17.50.

You’re done! This can help you save up to $900 per year.

Start saving 50% on Virgin Active gym memberships

Current ‘Active Me’ Members Virgin Active Contracts Non-Members
Next fortnightly billing cycle At the start of a new contract When signing up
  • For those currently on the Virgin Active ‘Active Me’ plan, the savings will start on your next fortnightly billing cycle.
  • For those currently on a contract, you will need to wait until your contract expires.
  • For those yet to join Virgin Active, your savings will be immediate; simply ensure you tell your membership consultant you have an AIA Vitality membership upon signing up for the ‘Active Me’ gym plan.

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