What Is The Cheapest Day Of The Week To Fill Up With Petrol?

How to find cheap petrol prices near you

Finding the cheapest petrol in Australia - and the best day to buy petrol - can take some research, which is why we’ve created this guide to The Best Days to Buy Cheap Petrol in Australia.

We’re going to look at the cheapest day to buy petrol in five major Australian cities:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Adelaide
  • Perth

Petrol accounts for a large part of any budget. If you have a family, this expensive is often compounded by individual cars used for a daily work commute and increased usage through weekend activities or by driving your children to school or sports practice.

If you have two modest-engined vehicles, and fill each car up once a week, this could cost you around $150. This accounts for nearly $8,000 each year - and that’s not factoring in road trips, mini-holidays or any changes to your personal situation which may require increased use, such as a change in work location.

Understanding Cheap Petrol Prices

Finding the cheapest petrol in your city often won’t come down to memorising a single day of the week. Instead, petrol prices are determined by a petrol price cycle - a fluctuation in the cost of petrol from low to high to low again. In most cities, petrol prices will steadily decrease before experiencing a sudden increase.

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The most expensive day for petrol and the cheapest day for petrol can fall on the same day, just as two separate points in the petrol price cycle - for example: Melbourne.

Petrol price cycles in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide vary from month to month, so be sure to follow petrol prices in your area to determine the best day to fill up on petrol. Below, we’ve listed the average petrol cycle and the average most-expensive and least-expensive days to purchase petrol.

Cheap Petrol in Sydney

Sydney currently has the second-cheapest petrol prices - often sitting on and above $1.60 per litre.

  • Average Petrol Cycle in Days: 25
  • Most Expensive: Tuesday
  • Cheapest: Wednesday

Cheap Petrol in Melbourne

Melbourne currently has the third-cheapest petrol prices - often sitting on and above $1.65 per litre.

  • Average Petrol Cycle in Days: 28
  • Most Expensive: Thursday
  • Cheapest: Thursday

Cheap Petrol Brisbane

Brisbane currently has the second-most expensive petrol prices - often just below or on $1.70 per litre.

  • Average Petrol Cycle in Days: 26
  • Most Expensive: Tuesday - Wednesday
  • Cheapest: Monday

Cheap Petrol Adelaide

Of the five cities researched, Adelaide currently has the most expensive petrol prices - often sitting on and above $1.70 per litre.

  • Average Petrol Cycle in Days: 18
  • Most Expensive: Saturday
  • Cheapest: Varies between Friday - Monday

Cheap Petrol Perth

Unlike other major Australian cities, Perth currently has a set weekly petrol price cycle. It also has the lowest petrol prices - rarely exceeding $1.55 per litre.

  • Average Petrol Cycle in Days: 7
  • Most Expensive: Tuesday
  • Cheapest: Monday

Cheap Petrol In Major Australian Cities Comparison Table

Petrol Stats Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Adelaide Perth
Cycle Length 25 Days 28 Days 26 Days 18 Days 25 Days
Most Expensive Tuesday Thursday Wednesday Saturday Tuesday
Cheapest Day Wednesday Thursday Monday Friday Monday

Times of the year when petrol is most expensive

Petrol companies need to make money just like any other business. As you can probably guess, petrol is cheapest when there is low demand, and is most expensive during periods where everyone will be lining up to fill their gas tanks. As these periods are consistent and predictable from year to year, you can also plan ahead to make sure you don’t pay more for petrol than you need to.

Petrol prices over long weekends

Before, during and just after long weekends you will notice that petrol prices are higher. Long weekends equate to more people on the roads, often travelling to visit friends and families, which petrol companies take advantage of by adjusting their pricing.

Try and fill up with petrol a few days before a long weekend, ideally on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

Petrol prices on public holidays

A public holiday will see more motorists on the road, many of whom will need to fill up with petrol. Prices will very likely be higher on these public holidays so try and avoid buying petrol on these days.

Petrol prices during Easter, Christmas, and Boxing Day

Major holiday periods will always see you pay more for petrol. No different to public holidays and long weekends, Easter, Christmas and Boxing Day see the majority of Australians off work for an extended break, travelling across the country for holidays, or driving to visit family.

Petrol prices during School Holidays

When kids are on school holidays, quite often parents are too. This means mums and dads are off work and often on the Australian road, busy driving to their holiday destinations or to the local playground or theme park to entertain the little ones.

Compare Petrol Stations in Australia

There are 11 major petrol and service stations across Australia, and each of these petrol providers ranks differently for a number of different customer-related factors. In the table below, we’ll show you:

  • Top 5 Petrol Stations for Cheapest Petrol
  • Top 5 Petrol Stations for Service Quality
  • Top 5 Petrol Stations for Overall Customer Satisfaction

Best Petrol Stations in Australia Comparison

Ranking (Top 5) Cheapest Petrol Service Quality Customer Satisfaction
#1 Costco 7-Eleven 7-Eleven
#2 Liberty Liberty Liberty
#3 Metro Petroleum BP Puma Energy
#4 Puma Energy Caltex Costo
#5 United Coles Express Metro Petroleum

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