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Find out the shape of your financial health with Money Matchmaker
Find out the shape of your financial health with Money Matchmaker

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The dream behind Money Matchmaker®

We started this company to disrupt the loan space, currently it’s all smoke and mirrors and it's really hard to get the right loan for you without negatively impacting your credit score, exerting massive amounts of time and energy or paying a broker to do it for you. This means the less you know the more you pay.

How Money Matchmaker®'s different

  • Rate comparison table sites show the best ‘sticker price’ rates that a lender has. These rates are for 1% of the population with amazing credit history, great income and no debts, so not for the average Australian. If you use these sites you see a great deal, go through a rate estimate on the lenders site, then get massive rate shock when you see your real rate. These rate table sites get paid each time you click, so they don’t care how many times you go through to a lender and get rate shock, they get paid.
  • You can apply direct with multiple lenders to find the best deal, but what this does is put a mark on your credit score, and you end up getting worse rates. The more you apply, the worse your rates get, as lenders see those marks and increase their risk profile of you.
  • A finance broker will do all of the rate shopping around for you with no credit score impact, but they add a fee onto your loan so you end up paying more. And it’s quite a big fee, it could be thousands of dollars in fact.

So here we are, with our Money Matchmaker engine, a smart decision based system with a tone of personality that saves you time and money. Just like using a dating app to find your right match, we use your answers to match you with up to 11 lenders to find your right loan. Real, pre-qualified rates. No ads. No markup. No hidden fees. Just the best deals available.

It works like a broker and does all the eligibility heavy lifting, we have all those lenders criteria built in, so when you answer the questions we can find the best loan that you are eligible for from those 11 (and counting) lenders. We're so confident we will find you the right loan, we offer a $200 voucher if you find a better deal!

So once you complete the quiz you know exactly what you can get, you can see your options from all lenders that will give you a loan, and you can apply with the lender of your choice with confidence.

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How we're free

It doesn’t cost you to find your match, and we don’t get paid by partners to show one result over the other, so we will always put your best interests first.

We earn a fee from our participating partners when you choose them as your lender match, or you take out a service with them. We charge them, not you. So we don't mind who you choose, the choice is 100% yours.

Rest assured, if nothing takes your fancy, that’s ok. There is no obligation.

Money.com.au Team

The team behind Money Matchmaker®

The Money Matchmaker® is the hero of the story, it’s really the engine that powers it all, but it is supported by some very dedicated and hands-on humans, a diverse, multicultural group of finance and savings experts, developers, designers, dreamers and go-getters.

Our Money Matchmaker® Ambassadors

  • Shaun “Always loading”
  • Ari "Multi-threaded"
  • Rodney “Dual-core processor”
  • Sean “Notepad++”
  • Kaz “Framework”
  • Christian "Binary"
  • Sean M "Matrix"

The story of Money Matchmaker®

We want to make managing money easy and fun! We do this by giving Australians simple tools so they can make the best decisions they can about their money.

We want to build a nation of confident financial decision makers, in control of their own financial wellbeing.

We know that the world of finance is complex, often dull, and sometimes down right boring, so our goal is to provide you information in easy to understand ways, with quick personalised results, so the heavy lingo is removed and you’re left with the facts.

We crawl, then we walk, then we run - everything we do is researched, tested, tweaked, tested again, changed and then supported. We are constantly evolving what we do, to do the best for you.

We were born in 2018 with the simple idea of developing a hub for financial information and business loan guides. During our research it soon became apparent that Australians had a severe lack of available, impartial information on all types of finance, from credit cards and overdrafts to business loans and equipment finance.

The Money.com.au team was formed, bringing in the best financial writers (introducing Sean Callery and Megan Birot), UX designers and web developers to create the foundations. We quickly expanded on our initial information offering with instantly popular financial tools - The Money.com.au Pay Calculator was an overnight success and helps thousands of Australians every day.

Then we got even smarter. We realised that Australians were done with the impersonal, the hard, the boring and time wasting. We looked at what people understood, what they liked using, and realised finding money should be as easy as shopping online, or swiping through date options.

We’ve done away with ‘advertised’ rates that you never get, hidden fees and marked up costs, hours wasted going to each lender to find out if you can apply for their loans, ruining credit scores on applications you’ll never go ahead with and being stalked by sites you just gave you data to once.

We created the Money Matchmaker®, just like when you use a dating app or go to a broker, we use your answers to show you real lenders, real rates and actual repayments across all our lenders that you’re eligible for; without any broker fees or marked up interest rates.

It saves time, it saves money, your data is safe and most importantly you’re in control. And that’s just the story for now. Watch this space.


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