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The power of a car loan pre approval

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Shaun McGowan

One of the most stressful parts of applying for a car loan is the approval process - waiting for a response from your lender on whether they’ll lend you the money or not.

If this is your final step in the car loan process, it can be a stressful, anxiety-filled experience.

After all, you’ve found your car, you’ve filled in your application - but is it enough for the lender?

With car loan pre-approval, you can avoid this unnecessary stress entirely. Here’s how it works and how you can use it to your advantage.

What is car loan pre-approval?

Car loan pre-approval is an optional part of the loan application process, where a lender agrees to lend you a certain amount of money to buy a car without formalising the loan agreement or conducting a hard credit check.

When you ask for pre-approval from a lender, you’ll generally need to provide the same information as when applying - identity, employment and financial verification - and allow the lender to perform a soft credit check.

Once you have obtained pre-approval, you will have a limited amount of time to arrange for the purchase of your vehicle and submit an official loan application. Your lender will then need to conduct a hard credit check and receive an invoice from the dealership or private seller to release the funds.

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What are the benefits of having pre-approval?

Car loan pre-approval might just seem like a soft promise from a lender to give you the money, but the purchasing power you’ll receive from pre-approval goes far beyond that.

Car loan pre-approval helps:

  • Set a budget. Pre-approval lets you know how much money you can get approved for with a lender. Having this figure in mind ensures you don’t waste time looking at vehicles outside of your price range.
  • Find a better deal. Pre-approval is a solid indicator of your borrowing capacity. Having pre-approval from a lender is often a great way to compare similar offers to find an even better deal.
  • Negotiate purchase prices. Pre-approval gives you a figure to work from when visiting a dealership or speaking with a private seller, allowing you to haggle from a lower position up to your pre-approved borrowing amount.
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses. Dealerships are notorious for stacking on add-ons to their loans, from trying to sell finance to overselling insurance. Pre-approval ensures that you stick within a budget and aren’t swayed by these offers.
  • No obligation and no impact on your credit. Pre-approval is a limited time agreement between you and a lender, however there is no obligation for them to agree to this after the time limit is up.

Likewise, there’s no obligation for you to apply just because you’ve got pre-approval, which means there’s zero cost or worry involved if you decide to change your mind.

The downsides to pre-approval

As we looked at above, the double-edged sword of pre-approval is that it is only a conditional approval at the time.

This means that, should your credit score change, or you apply for a different loan amount, the lender is under no obligation to approve your loan.

You may also find that seeking pre-approval limits your options. Not every lender may offer pre-approval, and some lenders may even insist on a hard credit check to do so.

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How can I get pre-approval?

The easiest way to get pre-approval from car loan lenders is to simply use our Money Matchmaker™ engine - our lender partners show you real offers personalised for you.

We’ll show you the best deals we can find and, just like pre-approval, there’s no obligation or impact on your credit score. If you’re ready to experience the power of car loan pre-approval and see which lenders can offer you a car loan, speak to our Money Matchmaker™ today.

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