Bunnings Power Pass - How To Get A Bunnings Discount

Bunnings Power Pass Trade Discount

Bunnings Power Pass is a trade discount, offered to eligible ABN holders, giving 5%+ off every purchase at Bunnings Warehouse. Bunnings are well-known for everyday low prices (backed by a price match guarantee), however, the Bunnings Power Pass is the last remaining way to extract a further discount.

Here is what you need to know in order to get a Bunnings Power Pass and start receiving a Bunnings discount.

What is the discount you receive using the Bunnings Power Pass?

A minimum of 5%. It depends on the products you purchase (each having their own margins and commercial pricing) - though the discount is around 5% for every Bunnings store in Australia. This amount is taken off the amount you must pay by simply scanning your Power Pass card at checkout.

Who is eligible for the Bunnings Power Pass discount?

To qualify for Power Pass, the key requirement is that you must hold an ABN number. Bunnings also restrict Power Pass to ABN holders in relevant industries (be it trades, government, teaching and building) - though it appears just providing an ABN will suffice (no further evidence of your industry is required in-store or online).

3 Types of Bunnings Power Pass

Bunnings Power Pass trade discount scheme is offered in three distinct varieties. For the purpose of receiving a 5% discount, you simply need the basic Power Pass ‘Cash’ membership which is 100% free and gives you immediate access to commercial pricing (the 5% Bunnings discount).

1. Bunnings Power Pass ‘Cash’

This is the easiest way to access commercial pricing and receive immediate discounts when shopping at Bunnings. There is zero cost to sign up for Bunnings Power Pass ‘Cash’ and joining is as simple as filling out a form (name, address, phone number and ABN).

2. Bunnings Power Pass ‘30 day accounts’

This includes the features of Bunnings Power Pass ‘Cash’ but also gives you access to:

  • Negotiable commercial pricing
  • Credit limits of $10,000+
  • An account manager at Bunnings to help manage your relationship

You will be able to buy things from Bunnings and repay the costs within 30 days of purchase; this is your typical ’30 day terms’ account that lets you obtain products today and defer payment by 30 days.

3. Bunnings Power Pass ‘Credit’

This is essentially a Bunnings credit card, offering up to $5,000 credit on a card at a low rate of interest (~8.9% p.a. with no annual fees). This gives you the flexibility to purchase goods at Bunnings and repay on your own schedule, with up to 60 days interest-free. Again, the Bunnings Power Pass ‘Credit’ gives you access to commercial pricing to receive a 5% discount.

Compare Bunnings Power Pass Trade Discount Benefits

PowerPass Cash PowerPass 30 Day Accounts PowerPass Credit
  • Exclusive deals and offers
  • Trade pricing on a wide range of products
  • Faster in-store purchasing
  • Invitations to special trade events
  • Access to Bunnings competitions and giveaways
  • Full online access to manage your account
  • Access to Bunnings Account Management Team
  • Ability to apply for a credit facility starting at $10,000
  • You can purchase using a PowerPass card with PIN or your own Purchase Orders
  • Full online access to manage your account
  • All the benefits of PowerPass Cash
  • Up to 60 days interest free with a low interest rate of 8.9% p.a.
  • Ability to apply up to $5,000 credit facility
  • Easy access to statements from individually numbered cards
  • PowerPass card with PIN for secure purchasing
  • Option to pay a minimum payment or full monthly balance
  • Full online access to manage your account
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There are also Owner-Builder and Apprentice Power Pass options from Bunnings. Be sure to apply for the correct Power Pass type when signing up for a Power Pass at Bunnings.

Compare Bunnings Power Pass Owner-Builder and Apprentice Discount Benefits

PowerPass Owner Builder Cash PowerPass Owner Builder 30 Day Account PowerPass Apprentice CasH
  • All the benefits of PowerPass Cash extended to Owner Builders
  • Full online access to manage your account
  • No ABN required
  • All the benefits of a 30 day account extended to Owner Builders
  • Ability to apply for a credit facility starting at $10,000
  • Full online access to manage your account
  • Access to Trade pricing
  • No ABN required
  • Access to PowerPass prices and offers on a wide range of Trade products
  • Invitations to exclusive Trade events
  • Offers tailored to Apprentices' needs
  • Bonus access to competitions and giveaways

4 Best Benefits of using Bunnings Power Pass

The Bunnings Power Pass is a great discount initiative from Bunnings; it’s capable of helping you save money and save time. The key features of Bunnings Power Pass include:

  • Commercial pricing discount. You’ll receive an average discount of 5% on all purchases when shopping at Bunnings using the Bunnings Power Pass ‘Cash’ card. The discount rate at Bunnings can vary, depending on the types of products you are purchasing. If you’re unsure, check the Bunnings Online Trade Store to compare the retail prices versus the commercial price.
  • Smart invoice and receipt management tools. As part of Power Pass, you will receive access to an online portal to manage your balance (if using Power Pass ‘30 day accounts’ or ‘credit’), activity statements and personal details. Every purchase you make is listed in the statement section; not only that but it lists the invoice (great for tax reporting) and the receipt itself (perfect for potential warranty claims in the future).
  • Access to the Bunnings Online Trade Store. You will have access to the online trade store, which showcases the Bunnings range but at commercial prices (discounted).
  • Exclusive invites to trade events and specials. You’ll be the first to hear of promotions, trade events and discounts on the Bunnings range. A great perk, that could occasionally pay off when a special arises that you intended to purchase.

Sign up for Bunnings Power Pass

Bunnings PowerPass Trade Accounts are available for customers who are GST registered or a sole trader with an IRD number for a professional trade, including:

  • Electricians
  • Builders
  • Landscapers
  • Carpenters
  • Plumbers
  • Painters

If you’re an Australian tradie, you probably spend a considerable amount of time and money at Bunnings, making the sign up to Power Pass worthy of your time and energy.

There are two ways to sign up to Bunnings Power Pass:

1. In-store sign up process for Power Pass

Go to the ‘trade desk’ or ‘information desk’ and ask for a Power Pass signup form. You will receive a rather crude piece of paper that asks you to fill out your name, home address, contact number, ABN number and what trade you’re in. If you’re unsure of what to say for trade, you can simply state ‘Handyman’ or ‘Handywoman’.

You will be issued a temporary Power Pass on the spot, giving you immediate access to the 5% discount.

2. Online sign up process for Power Pass

Go to the Bunnings Power Pass trade website and click ‘Apply Now’. Be certain to choose the correct version of Power Pass when signing up, to avoid obtaining a credit card or 30-day trade account by accident.

Bunnings Power Pass Trade Discount

Do Bunnings give trade discount?

Bunnings offer trade discounts to tradies and other customers who are eligible for a Power Pass. This is 100% free and allows immediate access to commercial pricing (5% Bunnings Discount). To receive a 5% discount at Bunnings, you only need to apply for the most basic Power Pass 'Cash' membership.

What is Bunnings Power Pass?

Bunnings Power Pass is a trade discount which gives a minimum of 5% off every purchase at Bunnings Warehouse in Australia. Once you have signed up for a Power Pass, you can browse the online product range and see exclusive pricing.

What Bunnings products can I get a discount on using Power Pass?

You can use a Power Pass to get discounts on thousands of trade-related products, and apprentice-specific tools if you sign up for an Apprentice Power Pass. You can speak to a Bunnings staff member to find out exactly which products you can get a discount.

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