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Our review of Business Fuel

Business Fuel is an Australian small-business lender offering secured and unsecured business loans from $10,000 to $200,000. Approved loan amounts are determined by the average value of the borrowing company's monthly sales. Business Fuel provides 24-hour approval on applications, and terms between 3 and 24 months

Business Fuel has a long history in the Australian lending market. The company has funded over $100,000,000 worth of loans since 2012. Additionally, 50 per cent of the company's revenue is generated by returning customers — illustrating the lender as a reliable source of funding for small-business borrowers.

Suitable if your business: Suitable for businesses considering:
  • Makes a minimum turnover of $10,000 in monthly sales 
  • Is established and has traded at the same location for at least six months 
  • Unsecured Business Loans 
  • Secured Business Loans 
  • Short-term Business Loans
  • Equipment Finance 
  • Cash flow Finance

Business Fuel Loan Information

Loan TypeSecured Business Loan
Loan Amount$10,000 - $200,000
Loan Term3 - 18 months
Approval Time24 hours

Business Fuel Business Loan Overview

Business Fuel loans range from $10,000 to $200,000. Common reasons for seeking this amount of finance can include:

  • Your business has stable cash flow and you want to expand its operations 
  • You want to apply for finance to upgrade or purchase new equipment 
  • You want to invest in vehicles or other assets for your business 

Small business loans provided by Business Fuel cannot be used for personal purposes.

You can apply for a business loan with Business Fuel online:

  • Once approved, funds can be made available in 24 hours
  • Apply with only basic ID and business bank statements 
  • No application fees 
  • No ongoing facility fees 
  • Weekly repayment schedule 
  • Upfront factor rate amount incorporated into weekly payments 

Business Fuel Small Business Loan Review

Loan FeatureLoan Details
Approval Time24 hours
Minimum loan amount$10,000
Maximum loan amount$200,000
Minimum loan term3 months
Maximum loan term18 months
Collateral RequirementsNo collateral required for loans up to $100,000
Interest rateUpfront factor rate calculated on loan amount and included in weekly repayments
FeesNo application or maintenance fees

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How to apply for a Business Fuel Business Loan

You can apply for a Business Fuel business loan online. Applications require minimal paperwork, and loan approval can often be made within 24 hours.

Business Fuel Small Business Loans Approval Criteria

Minimum monthly business turnover$10,000      
Minimum trading periodTrading in the same location for at least six months             

The amount you can borrow with a Business Fuel loan will depend on your company's monthly sales. Loan limits are equal to your monthly turnover in sales:

  • A company averages $50,000 in sales 
  • The limit for a Business Fuel loan will be $50,000

When applying for a business loan with Business Fuel for less than $100,000, you will need:

  • Acceptable Photo ID 
  • Six months of bank statements 

When applying for a business loan with Business Fuel for more than $100,000, you will need to offer security, and provide evidence in your application of the collateral used to secure the loan.

How much does a Business Fuel Business Loan Cost?

Business Fuel makes calculating your total loan amount and repayments a simple process. A one-time, upfront factor fee will be applied to the loan principal and added to your total loan amount. Business Fuel only charges an upfront factor fee to its business loans:

  • No application fees 
  • No establishment fees 
  • No ongoing monthly fees 
  • No charges for early repayments  

A factor rate is represented as a multiple of the loan principal. For example, a factor rate of 1.1 will add 10% of the principal to the total amount. You can see in the table below some examples of how a factor rate may be applied to a principal amount.

Principal AmountFactor RateTotal Amount

The factor rate applied to your business loan principal will be decided by looking at:

  • The amount you wish to borrow 
  • The term of the business loan 
  • The value of the collateral offered — if any — to secure the loan 
  • The type of business you own 
  • The creditworthiness and financial stability of your business 

Need to compare loans using a factor rate and a percentage interest rate? You can learn more about how a factor rate works and learn how to compare business loans by using our free Factor Rate to APR converter.

Business Fuel Business Loan Cost Example:

  • A borrower applies for a business loan of $50,000 over 12 months 
  • Business Fuel applies a factor rate of 1.3 to the principal amount 
  • The total loan amount is calculated at $65,000 
  • Regular repayments are set at $1,250 per week 
  • The borrower repays the loan amount in weekly instalments for the 12-month term 

Want to compare business loan repayments? You can use our free business loan calculator. Business Fuel Summary

Business Fuel offers same-day access to funds with a maximum amount relative to the borrowing company's monthly sales. A business making $100,000 in monthly sales could gain access to a $100,000 loan. All loans over $100,000 require security

Funds can be used for any business purpose, and around 80 per cent of loans from Business Fuel are unsecured. Having a strong asset base can allow access to larger loan amounts. 

Business Fuel has an established reputation in the Australian lending market, with over $100 million in loans funded to Australian businesses. Borrowers appear to approve of Business Fuel as a lender; half of the revenue generated by the company is through return customers. 

Business Fuel has partnered with CreditorWatch to offer a free Business Credit Score service to potential borrowers, which can produce a detailed credit report without any impact on the borrower's credit score:

  • Secure online application through Business Fuel 
  • Understand your credit score and receive a detailed business credit report 
  • No impact on the applicant's credit file 
  • Review the financial health of your business and understand your ability to secure finance 

Business Fuel was a 2019 Finalist at the Australian FinTech Awards in the 'Excellence in Business Lending' category.