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How to use the Equipment Finance calculator

Our equipment finance calculator allows you to see how much your repayments and total costs will be on an equipment loan, based on the finance amount, term and interest rate. You can also factor in establishment fees and an optional balloon payment to get an accurate estimate of your overall finance costs.

To use the equipment finance calculator, you’ll need to enter the following details about your loan:

  • Loan amount — The amount of money you will be borrowing with the equipment finance. This is usually the same as the value of the business asset being financed.
  • Interest Rate — This is the fixed interest rate the lender will apply to your equipment loan.
  • Loan Term — This is the length of your equipment finance agreement.
  • Establishment Fees — Any upfront fees charged by the lender when the establishing the equipment finance agreement. Factoring this in will allow you to see the full total amount of your equipment finance.
  • Balloon Payment — With a balloon payment, you will have reduced regular repayments but a large one-off final payment at the end of the equipment finance term. The balloon payment amount is often calculated as a percentage of the total loan amount. Balloon payments are commonly used when purchasing a vehicle through equipment finance, such as a chattel mortgage.

Once you have filled in your equipment finance loan details, simply click ‘See My Repayments’ to view an estimated repayment amount. You can then select Monthly, Fortnightly, or Weekly repayments to see what your repayment amount will be at various frequencies.

Monthly equipment finance repayment examples

Equipment finance loan amountRepayments (5% interest)Repayments (7.5% interest)Repayments (10% interest)





































Equipment finance loan repayment examples are calculated using monthly repayments with a fixed interest rate on a 5-year term. They do not include any fees that may be charged by a lender in addition to interest.

How is equipment finance calculated?

Lenders calculate equipment finance repayments based on the loan amount, interest rate and loan duration.

They will calculate your interest rate based on how risky you appear as a borrower, factoring in your credit score, the purpose of the loan, how long your business has been operating, its revenue and other aspects of your business finances.

If you want to quickly calculate your repayments, our free equipment finance calculator above will do the hard work for you. But if you want to understand how the calculation works, here is an example based on a hypothetical loan.

Equipment finance calculator example

In the example below, we’ll use a $50,000 loan at a 12% interest rate, repaid monthly over 7 years without a balloon payment attached to the loan:

  • n = 84 (12 repayments per year for 7 years)
  • i = 0.01 (where the interest rate (12%) is divided by the number of annual payments (12) to provide a decimal representation of the interest rate)
  • Using the discount factor formula above, we can calculate the discount factor: ((((1+0.01)^84) - 1) / (0.01(1+0.01)^84)) = 56.6484
  • The discount factor is then calculated as 56.6484
  • We then take our loan amount ($50,000) and apply the Loan Repayment Formula, dividing the loan amount by the discount factor. This will provide your monthly repayments: 50,000 / 56.6484 = 882.637
  • We then round this figure out to a double-digit decimal amount. Your monthly repayments on this loan will be $882.64
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Equipment finance calculator FAQs

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You will qualify for equipment finance with the majority of Australian lenders if you operate a business which has been trading for at least 12 months, have an Australian Business Number and are registered for GST. You can still qualify for equipment finance if you are self-employed, a sole trader, or your business has been operating for less than 12 months, however you may be required to provide extensive documentation to prove your ability to repay the loan.

Equipment finance interest rates start as low as 4.49% for a commercial hire purchase or finance lease, while an unsecured business loan will have interest rates that start at 9.90%. The best equipment finance interest rates will be offered to secure, stable businesses applying for a secured form of equipment finance. Borrowers with a good credit rating also generally qualify for the best rates.

A balloon payment is a percentage of your loan amount which is not factored into your monthly repayments. If you apply for an equipment finance loan that includes a balloon payment, you will have two choices at the end of the loan term: you can either pay the balloon amount in full, or discuss with your lender about financing the residual amount into another loan.

You won’t need to put down a deposit on equipment finance if you own a home. In fact, you won’t need to provide a deposit at all if you are comfortable with the approval process taking a little longer. If you wish to fast-track your application through a streamlined equipment finance application and are renting a home, you will need to provide a 20% deposit on the assets you wish to finance.

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