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How your credit history affects your loan options with Money Matchmaker

Why your credit score and report is important

Your credit report is a history of borrowing and other personal and financial information kept by credit reporting agencies.

Your credit score boils all this information down into a single number that represents your reputation or quality as a borrower - the higher the score the better.

Lenders use your credit score to profile you as a borrower and help decide whether to lend you money and what to charge if they do.

What you will see in your credit report

Your credit report includes a number of personal and financial details:

  • Personal details like age, employment and the length of time you’ve been at your current residential address.
  • Credit products you’ve used in the last two years. Including the: Credit limit Type of credit Opening and closing dates Credit provider details
  • Credit applications. Every time you apply for credit.
  • Credit report requests. Every time a credit provider requests your credit report that is recorded.
  • Defaults, including information on overdue debts or credit infringements. That includes defaults on utility bills, credit cards, loans and other finance products.
  • Court writs, bankruptcies, debt agreements and/or judgements, especially those relating to financial difficulty or impropriety.
  • Company directorship. If you’re the director of a company, details of the company may appear on your credit report.

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What you can do with your credit score

Knowing your credit score is key to understanding your borrowing power and how lenders and other providers will view you when you come to want to borrow money or use their services.

Being able to view and monitor your credit score will allow you to:

  • Check and fix any incorrect items
  • Identify what is negatively affecting your credit score
  • Pay off any defaults that are listed there
  • Seek financial advice
  • Monitor how your changes are positively affecting your score
Improve your credit score with Money Matchmaker

Why check your credit score with Money Matchmaker®?

We want to make managing money easy and fun! We do this by giving Australians simple tools so they can make the best decisions they can about their money.

We want to build a nation of confident financial decision makers, in control of their own financial wellbeing.

Understanding your credit score is a powerful first step in taking control of your finances. Improving your credit score gives you more chances of loan approvals, lower interest rates and more borrowing capacity.

Credit Score FAQs

Your score is a number that represents on a scale (0-1,200) your 'creditworthiness'. It draws the data from your credit report which contains records of your credit history (loans, enquiries, accounts, credit cards, defaults and more). There is more than one scale and each financial institute and credit agency use different ways to calculate scores.

We connect with one of Australia's leading credit bureau's, Experian, who use your details provided to confirm your identity to ensure only you access your credit score and report.

To find out more about Experian and the other agencies read our guide here.

Definitely not. We do a 'soft' Access Seeker check that does not change your credit score.

None. We offer this service for free because we believe in empowering Australian's to understand the world of finance.

You can check your credit score as often as you like. But changes happen every few months. We recommend checking your credit score every six months if you are actively working on improving it, or once a year if you are not actively seeking finance or making lifestyle changes.

Your credit score takes into account personal information, information on your borrowing and credit applications and details of your business interests.

That includes how often you move house, repayment history and any current credit. That information is then boiled down into a single number.

Positive events increase the number while negative events will decrease it.

Credit scores are split into five ranges, from low to excellent. Each of the three main credit rating agencies in Australia uses slightly different ranges for credit scores.

To find our more check out our explanation here

It will only take a minute - you enter your details (you only have to do this the first time) and we will reach out to Experian to verify it's you and pull your score and report into an easy to read dashboard.

We need to make sure it's you. Credit scores and reports are personal so we will only ever show you your report once we verify your identify.

We store your registration details and identification so that you only need to enter this once. Next time you check your score we'll send those details to Experian to pull your latest score and report.

We will not share your credit score or report with any other parties. If you apply for a loan or credit product through a lender, they will access your report and score through their own license at the time of application.

Lenders and other institutions provide credit reporting bodies such as Experian with information about your enquiries, payments and loans. Government agencies provide information such as court rulings and benefits.

Credit scores are something that is built over time. To get a good credit score you show you are being financially responsible and can take on and manage debt well. If you have never taken out a loan or a credit card you might have a low credit score because you have no track record of paying off debt. Enquires for loans and credit count as much as borrowing money. So if you have enquired but never completed the process that can lead to a lower credit score. If there are errors on the report, things that you did not do, that can mean a lower score as well. This is where checking your report regularly is important. You can report mistakes and have them removed from your report.

It is possible to have no score if you've never had an account or credit product. If you want to start building a credit history think about an internet plan, mobile plan, low fee credit card or any other utility in your name.

To find out more read our article on improving your credit score

Experian the credit report provider will know, they will make a 'soft' record on your report. If any lenders or credit providers check your report they will see this soft record, but it will make no impact on your score.

About want to make managing money easy and fun! By giving Australians simple tools so they can make the best decisions they can about their money.

We understand that the world of finance is complex, and offer free, extensive guides on Personal Loans, Car Loans and Business Loans, along with tools like our Budget Planning Spreadsheet to help you better manage and understand personal finance.