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How to use the Truck Loan Calculator

To use the truck loan calculator, you’ll need to enter some details about your loan. These are explained below:

  • Truck Purchase Price - The value of the truck you wish to buy. Truck loans are secured by the vehicle you purchase, and this amount will be relative to the base loan amount for your truck loan.
  • Initial Deposit / Trade-In Amount - The deposit amount put toward the truck during the purchase, or the amount you are offered when trading in your current vehicle. The final loan amount (minus any fees) is calculated by subtracting the deposit or trade-in amount from the purchase price.
  • Interest Rate - This is the fixed interest rate the lender will apply to your truck loan, and is used to calculate both the total amount of interest you will pay over the loan period and your scheduled repayment amount.
  • Loan Term- The length of your truck loan as dictated by your loan agreement. The loan term is important as it will allow you to accurately calculate your monthly, fortnightly, or weekly payments through an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) calculation. The shorter your loan term, the higher your scheduled repayments will be.
  • Establishment Fees - Any upfront fees charged by the lender when creating the secured truck loan agreement. Establishment fees are included in the calculation for your repayments to provide a more accurate total loan amount.
  • Loan Amount - The amount of money you will be taking out under a truck loan agreement, including any fees, and discounting any deposit or trade-in amount.

Once you have filled in your truck loan details, simply click ‘See My Repayments’ to view an estimated repayment amount. You can then select Monthly, Fortnightly, or Weekly repayments to see what your repayment amount will be at various frequencies.

Truck Loan Repayment and Interest Formula

The truck loan calculator uses what is called an amortisation calculation. Amortisation is best understood as the way you will gradually repay your loan amount over time. For example, when you make your first repayment on your truck loan, a greater portion of the amount will go toward repaying the interest. As you continue to meet your repayments, the portion of interest paid on each amount will decrease, and the portion paid on your principal amount will increase.

Truck loans are generally secured by the vehicle, and offered for a fixed rate over a fixed term. Calculating your repayments this way will not only give a more complete representation of repayments, but also allow you to determine the amount of interest you will pay over the term - or save if you are able to repay the loan early.

When expressed a mathematical formula, calculating your truck loan repayments can seem somewhat complex. Don’t be concerned! Once you understand how amortisation works and the interest is calculated on a loan amount over time, you should be able to make the calculations on your own.

The simple formula for calculating Loan Repayments is: Loan Amount / Discount Factor

The complexity of the calculation is in determining the discount factor, which is calculated by dividing the interest rate of your loan by the number of payments per year (12 for monthly, 26 for fortnightly, or 52 for weekly) to first obtain the Periodic Interest Rate.

The formula is expressed as: (((1 + i) ^n) - 1) / (i (1 + i)^n)

  • n = the number of repayments
  • i = the annual interest rate

Example of Monthly Truck Loan Repayments

Truck loan amount5% interest7.5% interest10% interest





































Truck loan repayment examples are calculated using monthly repayments with a fixed interest rate on a 5-year term. They do not include any fees that may be charged by a lender in addition to interest.

Truck Loan Calculator example

In the example below, we’ll look at an individual wanting to purchase a truck valued at $80,000. They provide a $10,000 deposit, and trade in a vehicle for $10,000. Accounting for this, their truck loan is $60,000, and they agree to a 7.5% fixed interest rate and a repayment term of 5 years.

  • n = 60 (12 repayments per year for 5 years)
  • i = 0.00625 (where the interest rate (7.5%) is divided by the number of annual payments (12) to provide a decimal representation of the interest rate)
  • Using the discount factor formula above, we can calculate the discount factor: ((((1+0.00625)^60) - 1) / (0.00625(1+0.00625)^60)) = 49.9053
  • The discount factor is then calculated as 49.9053
  • We then take our loan amount ($60,000) and apply the Loan Repayment Formula, dividing the loan amount by the discount factor. This will provide your monthly repayment: 60,000 / 49.9053 = 1,202.277
  • We then round this figure out to a double-digit decimal amount.
  • Your monthly repayments on this loan will be $1,202.28

If you want to quickly calculate your repayments without creating your own spreadsheet with the above calculations, you can use our free truck loan calculator.

Truck Loan Calculator FAQs

How do you qualify for a truck loan?

To qualify for a truck loan in Australia, you will need to be over the age of 18, a permanent resident or citizen of Australia, able to verify that you earn a steady income, and most importantly prove your ability to repay the truck loan amount.

What is the interest rate for a truck loan?

Secured truck loans will generally use fixed interest rates offered between 5.00% and 29.90%. You can get the best interest rates on a truck loan by purchasing the vehicle from a franchise or dealership, however you are still able to obtain reasonably low rates if you wish to purchase the vehicle through a private sale.

Can I get a truck loan if I have bad credit?

Yes, you can get a truck loan with bad credit. Bad Credit Truck Loans are offered by non-bank lenders and will have higher interest rates than standard truck loans. You will still need to prove your ability to meet repayments, and it is very likely that you will be asked to provide extensive supporting documentation to the lender.

How much can I borrow on a truck loan?

The average amount for a truck loan in Australia is $30,000. Most lenders will approve a secured truck loan application for anywhere between $5,000 and $100,000. The amount you are able to gain approval for will depend on your personal borrowing profile, which will be assessed according to your income and credit rating.

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