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Personal Finance Calculators

Pay Calculator

Australia's #1 calculator to see how much you get paid.


Personal Loan Calculator

Considering a personal loan? See your repayments.
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Capital Gains Tax Calculator

Selling property or shares? Use our Capital Gains Tax calculator.
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Net Worth Calculator

Check your net worth using our calculator.
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Stamp Duty Calculator

Buying property? Calculate stamp duty for every state.
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Tax Return Calculator

See how much tax you can get back. Estimate your tax refund in seconds.
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Car Loan Calculators

Car Loan Calculator

Want that new car smell? See how much your car will cost you.


Chattel Mortgage Car Loan Calculator

A great option if your are a sole trader or self employed.
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Business Finance Calculators

Business Loan Calculator

Trying to grow your business? See if a business loan would work for you.


Chattel Mortgage Calculator

Buying one car or a fleet? A chattel mortgage can come with great tax benefits.
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Equipment Finance Calculator

What are your options and how much will your new equipment cost?
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GST calculator

The fastest way to see totals with or without GST.
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Factor Rate to APR

Confused by factor rates? Convert easily to an APR to see how much you are really paying.
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Savings Calculators

Compound Interest Calculator

See how fast you can make your savings grow with compounding interest.