Net Worth Calculator

Use our Net Worth Calculator to assess the value of your assets and liabilities and estimate your true net worth.

How to use the Net Worth calculator

To use the Net Worth calculator, you’ll need to enter some details. These are explained below:

  • Total Value of Assets — Calculate the value of all the assets you own. This includes any primary savings, your superannuation, the value of your home and any additional savings such as term deposits.
  • Other Assets — This includes investment properties and commercial properties, bonds, shares, managed funds, trusts you may be part of, and vehicles. The more accurate you can value these assets – the more ‘true’ your personal net worth figure will be. Spend some time ensuring you have remembered all of your assets.
  • Total Value of Liabilities — Calculate the money you owe to others. This includes debts with banks, friends, institutions, and other liabilities such as car loans, personal loans, credit cards, mortgages, and student loans.

Once you have entered the details about the asset and your income, you can click Calculate My Net Worth.

Net Worth Example Calculation

To calculate your net worth simply subtract the total of your liabilities from the total of your assets. The most crucial step in determining your net worth is to accurately assess the true value of your assets and liabilities.

The simple calculation for net worth is: Total Assets — Total Liabilities

Example of net worth calculation

Calculation InputValue
Primary assets value$500,000
Other assets value$50,000
Total liabilities value$185,000
Estimated net worth$365,000

Let’s see how this might look in the example below:

Value of your assets:

  • Property — $500,000
  • Vehicles — $30,000
  • Shares — $20,000
  • Total Assets Value: $550,000

Value of your liabilities:

  • Mortgage — $150,000
  • Student Loan — $25,000
  • Car Loan — $5,000
  • Money owed to friends — $2,500
  • Credit Card Debt — $2,500
  • Total Liabilities Value: $185,000
  • Net Worth: $550,000 - $185,000 = $365,000

This is a simple example, and your own assets and liabilities will most likely be far more exhaustive. If you need assistance determining your income, assets, and liabilities, the easiest way to track the total amount is by using the Budget Spreadsheet.

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Net Worth Calculator FAQs


How do I calculate net worth?


Net worth is calculated as the total value of your assets minus your liabilities. Adding up everything you own of significance — e.g. your home — minus all of your debts — e.g. your mortgage — will give you a clear picture of your net worth and true financial status. You can use this figure to improve your net worth: reducing your liabilities while growing your assets.


What if I get a negative figure when calculating my net worth?


If your calculation equals a negative figure this could simply be the result of being a young earner with a student debt only working casual hours for three years. Alternatively, your net worth could be getting brought down due to a number of debts that now require your attention.


How do you increase your net worth?


You can increase your net worth in two ways: growing your assets and reducing your liabilities. Grow your assets through non-depreciating assets, such as property, shares, or savings accounts. Reduce your liabilities by paying off credit cards, loans, and creating a budget plan to manage and reduce debt.


How often should I calculate my net worth?


You might find it useful to calculate your net worth at the end of each month. You can use the Budget Spreadsheet Template to track the net worth figure in Excel to watch it grow over time, month by month. As a minimum, you should calculate your net worth once a year or after any significant changes — such as selling your house — to keep a close eye on your overall financial situation.

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