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Nissan Navara
Nissan Navara

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The Nissan Navara is not quite as popular as Toyota’s Hilux or Ford’s Ranger, but it’s a solid choice for some applications.

The diesel engine displaces 2.3 litres across the range, and all but the absolute base spec feature a twin-turbocharger induction system with 140 kilowatts and 450 Newton-metres, returning an impressive official fuel economy figure of 7.2 litres per 100km.

(Base spec has a single turbo system offering 120kW and 403Nm.)

To put Nissan’s 2.3 twin-turbo diesel in perspective, Ford offers 17 kilowatts and 50 Newton-metres more in the 2.0 twin-turbo Ranger, although its fuel consumption is marginally higher at 7.4 litres per 100km. Hilux’s 2.8 single-turbo 2.8 offers 10 kilowatts and 50 Newton-metres more than Navara, but the fuel official economy is substantially poorer, at 7.9.

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How a novated lease works on a Nissan Navara

A novated lease on a Nissan Navara means being able to pay for your car and car running costs using your pre-tax salary.

Your employer deducts a regular car payment from your salary before tax is deducted. This arrangement with your employer is known as salary sacrificing a car. It means you pay less income tax.

The car running costs you can include in your Nissan Navara novated lease include: charging registration and CTP, comprehensive car insurance, servicing, tyres, car washes.

Nissan Navara Cheat Sheet


Power & Torque

140kW & 450Nm


Fuel Efficiency

7.2 L/100 KM



3,500kg maximum braked



Minimum 1-tonne payload

Nissan Navara

Advanced multi-link rear suspension system

Navara’s biggest point of difference from competitors is the advanced multi-link rear suspension system, on dual-cab models. Unlike most competitors, the dual-cab Navara has a coil-sprung rear, and this is a ‘good news/bad news’ story for potential owners.

Coil sprung suspensions provide excellent (car-like) ride quality when unladen, or lightly loaded, but the dynamic performance when heavily loaded (or when heavy towing) typically cannot match that of leaf-sprung suspensions on leading competitors.

Nissan Navara towing capacity

Tow capacity is officially 3500 kilograms, but in practice this is difficult to achieve without extreme compromise. A more reasonable, safe and conservative approach would be to limit towing to around 2.5 tonnes.

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Nissan Navara

Nissan Navara Specs

SL Single Cab Chassis

  • 3,500kg max braked towing capacity
  • Up to 1,282kg payload
  • Hill descent control (4WD) & hill start assist
  • Electronic rear differential lock (4WD)

SL Dual Cab Chassis

Everything in single cab plus:

  • 1 tonne payload

ST Dual Cab

Everything in SL Dual Cab plus:

  • Around view monitor and moving object detection
  • Lane departure and intelligent lane intervention
  • Blind spot & intelligent blind spot intervention
  • Quad-LED head lamps & LED tail lamps
  • Satellite Navigation & Digital radio DAB+

Your Navara options

There are 9 grades of Nissan Navara with options in between. The standard 9 are:

  • SL Single Cab Chassis
  • SL King Cab Chassis
  • SL King Cab
  • ST-X KIng Cab
  • SL Dual Cab Chassis
  • SL Dual Cab
  • ST Dual Cab
  • ST-X Dual Cab
  • Pro-4X Dual Cab

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In summary

The suitability of this setup for you is going to depend upon your intended usage of the vehicle. Nissan did attempt to address this issue in the Series II Navara update in late 2016, and while the revised spring and damper rates were an improvement, leaf-sprung alternatives continue to outperform coil-sprung Navara models when heavily laden or when heavy towing.

In the high-grade dual-cab models variants (ST-X and Pro-4X Warrior) equipment levels are high - including advanced safety features such as forward collision warning, emergency braking, lane-departure warning and blind-spot warning systems. For off-road use (and precision parking) there’s a 360-degree camera monitor.

Navara offers a six-speed manual or advanced seven-speed auto with manual shift mode across the range, but unlike higher grades of Mitsubishi’s Triton, Navara 4X4 cannot use 4H on a high-traction surface, because the drive systems transfer case lacks a centre differential.

Compare loans in 60 seconds

Get a quick novated lease quote

See how much you could save on a Nissan Navara plus running costs with a novated lease. Get a personalised, no-obligation quote today.


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