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Toyota HiLux
Toyota HiLux

What you get with a Toyota HiLux novated lease

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The Toyota Hilux is insanely popular in Australia. It’s regularly the top-selling vehicle in the country on a monthly basis (typically a photo-finish with another heavy-hitting ute, the Ford Ranger).

Hilux might seem expensive in the context of its direct competitors, but it offers unbeatable resale value among utes - a factor which many people don’t consider, but which greatly (and positively) affects the economics of ownership.

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How a novated lease works on a Toyota HiLux

A novated lease on a Toyota HiLux means being able to pay for your car and car running costs using your pre-tax salary.

Your employer deducts a regular car payment from your salary before tax is deducted. This arrangement with your employer is known as salary sacrificing a car. It means you pay less income tax.

The car running costs you can include in your Toyota HiLux novated lease include: charging registration and CTP, comprehensive car insurance, servicing, tyres, car washes.

Toyota HiLux Cheat Sheet


Power & Torque

150kW & 500Nm



4x4 HiLux variants have a 3.5 tonne braked towing capacity



Rear diff lock, low range 4WD and Downhill Assist Contro


Smart Entry

Smart entry and smart start

Toyota HiLux

The HiLux Engine

Hiluxes are available with entry-level 2.4 turbo diesel and even 2.7-litre petrol four - in 4X2 ‘Workmate’ spec - but the vast majority of Hiluxes you’ll see in traffic are running on the 2.8-litre turbo diesel engine, which is also found in Fortuner and Prado.

The 2.8-litre engine was the subject of significant controversy over the past couple of years, with the ACCC rapping Toyota over the knuckles around the way it handled problems with the diesel particle filter installation, and more recently a class action found in favour of the plaintiffs, with a hefty compensation penalty in the $2-billion ballpark likely to be the the subject of court orders.

In the current Hilux, these problems appear to be resolved. Notwithstanding, Hilux enjoys a deserved reputation for ruggedness and reliability, and is favoured among outback adventurers. Another big advantage of Toyota ownership for the 4X4 fraternity is the fact that Toyota parts are readily available in the bush, as are service outlets and dealerships.

The Mechanics

Mechanically, the Hilux 4X4 features a fairly standard 2H, 4H and 4L setup, where 2H is used for high-traction surfaces (bitumen and good dirt roads) with 4H and 4L available for rugged and/or slippery terrain. (Contrast the Mitsubishi Triton, which can use 4H on high-traction conditions in GLS and GSR spec, thanks to its advanced Super Select 2 transfer case.)

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Toyota HiLux specs


  • Payload 980 - 1275kg (value excludes accessory tray)
  • Braked Towing Capacity 2,500kg - 3,500kg[G6]
  • Engine - 2.4L turbo-diesel/diesel 110kW 400Nm or 2.7L petrol 122kW 245Nm
  • 4x2, 4x2 Hi-Rider, 4x4


  • Payload 995kg - 1,250kg (value excludes accessory tray)
  • Braked Towing Capacity 4x4 3,500kg and 4x2 2,800kg[G6]
  • Engine - 2.8L TD 150kW 500Nm (with Automatic Transmission)
  • 4x2 Hi-Rider or 4x4


  • Payload 995kg - 1,125kg (value excludes accessory tray)
  • Braked Towing Capacity 2,800kg - 3,500kg[G6]
  • Engine - 2.8L TD 150kW 500Nm (with Automatic Transmission)
  • 4x4 or 4x2 Hi-Rider


  • Payload 819kg
  • Braked Towing Capacity 3,500kg[G6]
  • Engine - 2.8L TD 150kW 500Nm
  • 4x4

Rugged X

  • Payload 734kg
  • Braked Towing Capacity 3,500kg[G6]
  • Engine - 2.8L TD 150kW 500Nm
  • 4x4

Your HiLux options

There are almost as many variants of Hilux as there are customers, but among private owners the most popular are the upscale 4X4 dual-cab variants - SR5, Rogue and Rugged X. It delivers peak outputs of 150 kilowatts and 500 Newton-metres, and returns 8.4 litres per 100km in official tests.


Everything you need to get through the work day, and everything you want once the weekend comes around.


You’ll have the confidence to take on any challenge, SR has all the touches to do it in comfort too.


Full of advanced technology, packed with design features. The SR5 takes the HiLux to new heights


Who says strong can’t be premium? Rogue adds an upgraded interior and 18" Rogue alloys.

Rugged X

This is the best of the best. Built to dominate on road and off, the Rugged X is loaded with specialty features like a hoopless steel front bullbar, and bash plate, so you can tackle extremes.

Compare the best Toyota finance options.

In summary

If you’re trying to decide between SR5, Rogue and Rugged X, all three have the same powertrain and tow capacity (notionally 3500kg, but 2500 is a lot more practical). They also all feature Apple and Android phone integrations, rear diff lock, sat-nav, and seven airbags.

Stepping up to Rogue from SR5 gets you an uprated sound system, motorised roll-top tonneau, resin sports bar, wheel arch flares, and a standard towbar installation.

Rugged X is fully kitted out for adventuring, with a hoopless steel front bullbar with bash-plate, rock rails at the sides, snorkel, and a more substantial black ‘functional’ sports bar in the tub.

Compare loans in 60 seconds

Get a quick novated lease quote

See how much you could save on a Toyota HiLux plus running costs with a novated lease. Get a personalised, no-obligation quote today.


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