Toyota Landcruiser 300 Novated Lease

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Toyota Landcruiser 300
Toyota Landcruiser 300

What you get with a Toyota Landcruiser 300 novated lease

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Novated Lease

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Shopping around for the right novated lease can save you thousands of dollars in interest and fees.

The Toyota Landcruiser 300 is king - at least, king of this segment, and also king of outback adventuring. There’s no getting around it: Landcruiser is expensive up front, but this pain is mitigated by the vehicle’s stellar resale value at trade-in time - Landcruisers are hotly sought-after in the used market.

Landcruiser is also a very long-lived model, and the 300 Series version just released is likely to be with us now for well over a decade before a replacement is offered. (Landcruiser 200 Series was first produced in 2007, and ran until the end of 2021.)

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How a novated lease works on a Toyota Landcruiser 300

A novated lease on a Toyota Landcruiser 300 means being able to pay for your car and car running costs using your pre-tax salary.

Your employer deducts a regular car payment from your salary before tax is deducted. This arrangement with your employer is known as salary sacrificing a car. It means you pay less income tax.

The car running costs you can include in your Toyota Landcruiser 300 novated lease include: charging registration and CTP, comprehensive car insurance, servicing, tyres, car washes.

Toyota Landcruiser 300 Cheat Sheet


Power & Torque

227kW and 700Nm



Braked towing capacity of 3500kg


Multi Terrain Select

New Automatic Mode tuned for Australian


10 speed transmission and LSD

Automatic transmission

Toyota Landcruiser 300

Twin-turbo V6 diesel

The most notable feature of the new 300 Series is the replacement of the V8 twin-turbo diesel in the previous model with a twin-turbo V6 diesel. This was done principally for emissions-compliance and weight-saving reasons. Interestingly, the new V6 has a so-called ‘hot vee’ in which the exhaust is up the top, in the centre of the engine, while the inlets are on the outside of the vee. (Most V6s are the other way around.)

Engine Capacity

Engine capacity has come down from 4.5 litres in the superseded V8 to 3.3 litres in the V6 - but, counterintuitively, peak outputs have risen substantially. The V6 makes 227 peak kilowatts, and 700 Newton metres - up from 200 kilowatts and 650 Newton-metres in the V8. Fuel economy is around six per cent better, based on official tests. So, although the number of cylinders and the capacity is substantially less, according to every performance metric, the new vehicle is substantially better.

Landcruiser offers full-time 4WD and dual-range performance in the rough stuff, as well as a 3500kg tow capacity - so it remains a heavy hitter in every respect. Towing 3500 kilos is not for the fainthearted, but this target is more achievable in real-world conditions than it is with, say, Hilux (which also notionally offers 3500kg maximum tow capacity.)

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Toyota Landcruiser 300 specs


  • 7 seats
  • Dual rear entertainment
  • 3.3L twin-turbo diesel engine
  • Cool box
  • 1,164L of cargo space

Sahara ZX

  • 5 seats
  • 3.3L twin-turbo diesel engine
  • Limited slip differential
  • 5 mode driving select
  • Adaptive variable suspension

GR Sport

  • 5 seats
  • 3.3L twin-turbo diesel engine
  • Lockable front + rear differentials
  • E-KDSS
  • 5 mode driving select

Your Landcruiser 300 options


Go anywhere then back home again, the GX makes light work of off-road adventures.


Get the job done in GXL, it comes with enhanced technology, safety and styling.


The VX goes further, with premium interior and exterior touches. It adds extra comfort and convenience to your journey.


The Sahara makes driving a pleasure, wherever you take it. Drivers and passengers are treated to comfortable luxury.

Sahara ZX

The first ever Sahara ZX gains extra performance, specialty ornamentation and extra touches of luxury and convenience.

GR Sport

The GR Sport borrows from the world of extreme off-road racing yet maintains winning levels of comfort and luxury.

In summary

Landcruiser 300 is civilised and refined to drive, but remains quite capable in the rough. It’s debatable how many first owners push their $130k Landcruiser 300 Sahara to the limit of its off-road performance, however…

If you are also considering a Prado, it’s worth acknowledging that, In terms of outright highway performance, for overtaking, etc., Landcruiser 300 has 46 percent higher power-to-weight than Prado, as well as 500 kilos more outright towing capacity, plus four more ratios in its auto transmission (six-speed for the Prado; 10 for the Landcruiser).

In terms of fuel economy, Prado returns 7.9 litres per 100km, in official tests, versus Landcruiser on 8.9.

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See how much you could save on a Landcruiser 300 plus running costs with a novated lease. Get a personalised, no-obligation quote today.


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