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What is a Business Car Loan?

A business car loan is a type of business finance used to purchase or lease a vehicle. In Australia, most types of business car finance will be secured by the vehicle, and will range between one and five years. There are a number of different options for financing business vehicles in Australia, each with their own benefits and drawbacks.

Business Car Loans Providers

Who offers business car loans?

You can apply for business car finance through your bank and non-bank lenders. You can also apply with specialist finance companies or directly through a dealership using car dealer finance. If you apply through your bank, you’ll generally be offered a lower interest rate, however the process will take much longer than through other lenders.

To get the fastest approval and best rates, you may wish to consider working with a finance broker, who will handle the entire process on your behalf in return for a small fee. Business vehicle brokers operate in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Newcastle, and all local areas across Australia. 

You can apply for a Business Car Loan with GetCapital. Read our review of the lender or compare finance options from Australia’s leading business lenders by visiting our Lender Reviews section.

Who can get a Business Car Loan

Who can get a business car loan?

You can apply for business car finance if you intend to use the vehicle for business purposes at least 51% of the time. In Australia, company car finance is used by businesses of all types, and across all industries, to finance everything from a single vehicle to an entire fleet of company vehicles.

Most common small businesses using vehicle finance in Australia

ArboristsFencersMobile Mechanics
BuildersGlaziers Painters
CaterersHVAC techniciansPlumbers
CleanersLabourersPool Servicing
Couriers   Landscapers      Real Estate Agents    

Business Car Loan Vehicle Types

What vehicles can be purchased through your business?

With a business car loan, you can purchase almost any type of vehicle for your business. The type of vehicle you purchase, as well as its age, will dictate the amount of interest you pay on your loan. For example, brand-new vehicles will attract the lowest interest rates, while vehicles over eight years old will attract the highest.

If you are purchasing a second-hand vehicle, you may not be able to use it as security on the loan. Below are the most common types of vehicles purchased by businesses in Australia.

Common vehicles purchased by businesses

CarsDelivery Vans 
MotorcyclesTrucks and Trailers
Work VansCaravans
Work Utes Buses

Large vehicles will often attract higher interest rates than small vehicles. You can see below how the weight of your chosen company vehicle may affect the interest rate applied to your loan or lease. This is especially important for small businesses or tradies looking to purchase delivery trucks or transport vehicles of a certain size.

Vehicle type vs Rates

Asset New or Used Loan Term Loan Amount Interest Rates
Under 4.5 tonne New 3 years $30,000 4.79%
Over 4.5 tonne New 3 years $30,000 5.50%

Important: This is an example and actual rates may differ.

Now let’s look at how the age of your vehicle may affect your interest rate. You can see that brand-new vehicles have the lowest interest rates and fees, as these vehicles present the lowest amount of risk to a lender — these cars have a lower chance of mechanical failure and a higher resale value.

Vehicle age vs Rates

Vehicle Age Interest Rate Fees
Brand-New 4.00% $0
1 - 2 years old 5.50% $0
3 - 5 years old 6.50% $500
5 - 8 years old 7.00% $750
8+ years old 8.50% $1,500

Important: This is an example and actual rates and fees may differ.


You’ll get the best interest rates if you finance the newest vehicle you can comfortably afford.

Business Car Loan Types

What are the different types of business car loan?

There are several types of business car finance in Australia, each with their own terms and pros and cons. Some types of finance are more suitable for a single vehicle, while others are tailored to accommodate businesses requiring an entire fleet of company cars.

You can use the table below to quickly see which type of loan may be most suitable for you, and learn more about each type of finance on their dedicated pages.

Compare types of Business Car Finance

Product type Term Pros Cons
Chattel Mortgage Business 1 - 7 years Business Tax Benefits Vehicle is recorded on your balance sheet
Line of Credit Business up to 5 years Flexible access to funds when needed Large amounts only offered to high-earning businesses
Hire Purchase Business 1 - 7 years Your business will own the car at the end of the term May require an upfront deposit
Operating Lease Business 1 - 7 years Lease is a tax-deductible business expense Your business does not own the vehicle at the end of the term
Finance Lease Business 1 - 7 years Option to own vehicle at the end of the term Responsible at the end of term for disposal
Novated Lease Consumer 1 - 7 years Incentive for your employees without managing an entire company fleet Fringe benefits tax
Small Business Loan Business 1 month – 5 years Fast Access to Money Can be expensive

In some cases, you may be able to claim interest on business car finance. You can use our tax refund estimator to see how interest deductions may increase your refund. 

If you want to quickly see which type of business vehicle finance may offer the best tax benefits for your business, you can read our chattel mortgage vs lease vs commercial hire purchase guide.

How to apply for a Business Car Loan

How do I apply and what do I need?

Applying for car finance is usually quick and easy, and in most cases can be done online. With any type of business finance application, you’ll need to present a lender with sufficient documentation that illustrates your ability to comfortably repay the loan amount. Most times, just your business bank statements will be sufficient to illustrate your monthly business revenue.

There are two types of applications for business car finance in Australia: streamlined applications and standard finance applications. If you’re applying for vehicle finance to the value of $150,000, you can qualify for the streamlined application if you:

  • Have been in business 12 months; and
  • Have an ABN; and
  • Are registered for GST; and
  • Have a clean credit history
  • Are currently renting and can provide a 20% deposit; or
  • Own a home.

If you’re looking for funding greater than $150,000, or have been in business less than 12 months, you’ll need to apply through the standard finance application process.

If this is the case, you’ll need to provide additional documentation to the lender so they can better assess your application. Here are some tips to improve your chances of getting approved.

  • Demonstrate an ability to service your business car loan or lease.
  • Meet the lender’s criteria, such as:
    • An ABN and GST registration
    • An acceptable credit rating
    • A minimum level of turnover
    • A maximum level of other debt.
  • Supply all your supporting documents, such as:
    • Proof of identity
    • Financial records (provided by your accountant)
      • Profit and Loss Statements
      • Balance Sheet
    • Details of the asset you wish to purchase
    • Business bank statements.
    • Rates notice (if you own a home).
    • Rental agreement (if you are renting).

You can finance a fleet of business vehicles and still qualify for the streamlined application process, provided the total value of the vehicles you wish to finance is less than $150,000.


Can I apply for a business car loan without any documentation?

Low-Doc and No-Doc business car loans are vehicle finance options if you are self-employed, or own a small business and can’t supply the required documents to support your application.

Low-Doc (Low Documentation) and No-Doc (No Documentation) loans will often come with higher interest rates and fees, and may not provide the flexibility of standard car finance.

How much can you borrow

How much can I borrow?

In Australia, the minimum amount for a business car loan is currently $5,000. The maximum amount you can borrow to purchase a vehicle for your business will depend on the type of finance you apply for.

If you want to see how much interest you'll pay on different loan amounts and calculate your regular repayments, you can use our free car loan calculator.

Minimum and Maximum Amounts

Minimum Amount Maximum Amount
$5,000 No Limit

Loan Terms

What is the term?

In Australia, the minimum term for a business car loan is one month by applying for a small business loan. However, most will range from one year to seven years.

Business Car Finance Term Comparison

Finance Product Term
Chattel Mortgage 1 - 7 years
Line of Credit up to 5 years
Hire Purchase 1 - 7 years
Operating Lease 1 - 7 years
Finance Lease 1 - 7 years
Novated Lease 1 - 7 years
Small Business Loan 1 month – 5 years


What fees will I pay?

Just as the age of a vehicle will affect the interest rate applied to your loan, the older the car you wish to finance, the higher the fees will often be. You may also pay various establishment or ongoing repayment fees depending on the lender you wish to apply with. A finance broker can help you find business vehicle finance options with no monthly repayment fees, though this may limit your available options.

  • Establishment Fee
  • Origination Fee
  • Monthly Account Keeping Fee
  • Early Termination Fee
  • Early Payout Fee

Important: These are examples of the types of fees that may be applicable.

Business Car Loans Summary

Business car loans are used to purchase or lease a vehicle, and are generally secured by the vehicle with a term between one and five years.

In summary:

  • Allow a business to finance a vehicle if it is used for business purposes 51% of the time.
  • Available from several lenders
  • Generally secured by the vehicle
  • Highly popular with tradies and small businesses
  • Interest rates affected by the age and type of the vehicle
  • Available from a term of one month to seven years
  • Can offer significant tax benefits for a business

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
  • Business Tax Benefits
  • Flexible access to funds
  • Business can own the car at the end of the term
  • Lease is a tax-deductible business expense
  • Difficult to get approval for new businesses
  • May require an upfront deposit
  • You may not own the vehicle at the end of the term
  • Can be expensive

Business Car Loans FAQ

How can I buy a car through my business?

If you're planning to use the vehicle for more than business purposes at least 51% of the time, the most common type of finance is called a Chattel Mortgage. You can apply for a chattel mortgage online and often be approved within the same day.

How long does it take to get approved for a business car loan?

You can be approved on the same day, however it's more likely you'll receive an approval within a few days.

What is the average interest rate for a business car loan?

The interest rate will depend on the age of the vehicle you want to buy, but can be as low as 5.00% and as high as 16.00%.

Can I get a business car loan if I have bad credit?

Yes, you can get a business car loan in Australia even if you have a bad credit score. If you are an ex-bankrupt or don't qualify for a standard loan due to defaults or a low credit score, you can apply for a bad credit business loan or a bad credit car loan.

How much is the vehicle you want to purchase?

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