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Buying a Franchise

Written by

Shaun McGowan

Buying an existing franchise can be a great way to get your foot into the business market. There are a handful of reasons a franchise can be a great business move, and we’ll cover some of these below.

A new franchise or an existing operation?

When you’re buying into a franchise, you’ll often have to use specific equipment and meet certain standards set by the franchisor. Thankfully, this might often mean you can start - or continue - operating your business with all the equipment you need.

But equipment isn’t all you’ll get, you’ll also find:

  • An established customer base providing consistent, ongoing revenue
  • Existing systems and facilities
  • Existing processes and operating guidelines

The benefits of buying into a franchise include:

  • Start operating immediately
  • Establish customer base
  • Existing systems, facilities, equipment
  • Clear budget in setting up
  • No delay on business operations

Shopping around

Shopping around for the right loan can save you thousands of dollars in interest and fees.

Shop around for a personal loan and save thousands with Money Matchmaker

What are the downsides?

Purchasing an existing franchise is a relatively low-risk option when looking to finance an existing business.

The main downside to purchasing a franchise is meeting franchisor approval criteria. Basically, this is when you’ll speak with the franchisor (a.k.a. the parent company for all the franchises in operation) and decide on an arrangement that suits you both.

However, they may impose strict conditions on how you choose to operate the business. If you’re looking to make something entirely of your own and not conform to the demands of a franchisor, an existing franchise may not be the choice for you.

The risks of buying into a franchise include:

  • Requires franchisor approval
  • Existing financials can be complex
  • Existing equipment or premise leases may expire
  • Franchise not performing well may suffer from large fees
  • Low flexibility in negotiation with the franchisor
Australia's Money Matchmaker matching you with your best loans across multiple lenders
Money Tip: Shopping around for the right loan can save you thousands of dollars in interest and fees.

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What can I use?

Just like when you’re choosing to buy an existing, established business, there are a number of business loan options available to help finance your purchase if needed:

Secured Business Loans

Secured business loans will get the best rates and the best deals when buying into a franchise.

Secured loans for personal and business with Money Matchmaker

Unsecured Business Loans

Unsecured business loans have higher rates of interest than secured loans but are usually easier and faster to get approval for, especially if you aren’t applying through your bank.

Unsecured loans for business and personal use with Money Matchmaker

Equipment Finance

Equipment finance refers to specialist lender loans that are used to purchase vehicles, equipment and machinery for a business.

There are conditions applied to equipment loans, and you’ll need to ensure that you understand any restrictions on your ability to sell or upgrade the equipment throughout the loan term set by the lender.

Secured business loans with Money Matchmaker

Where to find franchises for sale

A great place to start is to attend one of the franchise conferences organised by the FCA (Franchise Council of Australia) who list their upcoming events on their website.

You can find franchises for sale through:

  • National Franchise Conventions with the Franchise Council of Australia
  • Gumtree
  • Inside Franchise Business
  • Franchise Direct
  • A business broker

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