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What are the best equipment finance rates in Australia?

The best current equipment finance interest rates in Australia are:

  • Chattel Mortgage Interest Rates - from 4.00%
  • Commercial Hire Purchase Interest Rates - from 4.49%
  • Finance Lease Interest Rates - from 4.49%
  • Operating Lease Interest Rates - from 5.10%
  • Unsecured Business Loan Interest Rates - from 9.90%

You can quickly compare interest rates and terms in the table below. However, it’s important to remember that interest rates will vary from lender to lender.

Best Equipment Finance Interest Rates Comparison

Type of Finance Interest Rates
Chattel Mortgage From 4.00%
Commercial Hire Purchase From 4.49%
Finance Lease From 4.49%
Operating Lease (Rental Agreement) From 5.10%
Unsecured Business Loan From 9.90%

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Specialist Asset Finance lenders offer a streamlined application process and competitive interest rates, which often makes them more appealing to borrowers than banks.

How do I qualify for the best rate?

Equipment finance interest rates will vary depending on which type of business finance you choose to apply for. The main factor considered by lenders when applying a rate to any type of loan is the level of risk presented by the borrower.

The lower the risk, the lower the interest rates - if you have been in business for a long time and have a high, regular revenue, you’ll present far less risk to a lender than someone just starting a business without stable, annual revenue.

The interest rate will also depend on which lender you choose to apply with, and may also alter depending on:

  • The amount you wish to borrow
  • The type of asset or assets you wish to purchase
  • Your time in business
  • The monthly revenue of your business
  • The term you are applying for
  • Your business credit history
  • Your personal credit history
  • If you own a property

When assessing your application, lenders will consider five different factors to determine your level of risk. In the table below, you can see what these factors are, and how they might apply to your application.

How lenders assess your equipment finance application

  • Credit rating - A list of defaults, bankruptcies and related information, and is usually retained for a period of seven years.
  • Capacity - Your ability to repay the loan or lease from an assessment of your income and your current debts.
  • Capital - Any deposit put toward the purchase of the assets you wish to finance. A deposit reduces the debt, and therefore the risk to a lender. If you are renting and do not own a home, lenders may ask for a deposit.
  • Collateral - This is any asset that is used to secure the debt - whether you are required to supply collateral for equipment finance will depend on the type of finance you choose. Some assets - such as a car - can be used as collateral. Other assets - such as an office fit-out - can not.
  • Conditions - The health of your business and what you’ll use the funds for. Lenders may also look at industry trends and anything that may affect your ability to repay the loan. This is a projected assessment of how the lender believes your business will perform over time.

Does the age or type of asset affect the interest rate?

The type of asset you wish to finance, and the age of that asset, will also determine how a lender applies an interest rate to your loan. This is important to understand for any type of equipment finance loan, but especially if you are considering loans for multiple assets of different types - such as a business vehicle, an office fit-out, and leased office equipment.

Below, you can see how the age and type of asset you wish to acquire through equipment finance may affect the interest rate applied to your loan.

How the age of the asset will affect your offered interest rate

Brand-New 1 - 2 years old 2 - 5 years old 5+ years old
4.00% 4.90% 5.90% 8.00%

How the type of asset will affect your offered interest rate

Vehicles Machinery Electronics Fit-outs
From 4.00% From 5.00% From 6.50% From 8.00%

As you can see above, different types of assets will have different interest rates applied. A vehicle, for example, is a relatively secure asset that is designed to remain in good working order for a considerable amount of time. If you were unable to meet your repayments, a lender would be able to reclaim the vehicle and recoup a significant portion of their losses.

Electronics, on the other hand, aren’t as reliable as a car. They have a shorter operating lifespan and their value can drop significantly in only a few years. This is best illustrated by non-reclaimable assets acquired through business fit-out finance: as there is no way for a lender to reacquire a fit-out from a borrower, this type of asset presents the highest amount of risk.

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Remember: The more risk you present to a lender, the higher your interest rates will be.

How can I compare interest rates for equipment finance?

The primary reason people look to compare interest rates on equipment finance is to ensure they get the best deal and the lowest monthly and total repayment amount possible. While an interest rate is a strong indicator of your total and regular repayments, there are other factors to consider as well, such as any initial or ongoing fees that may affect your total loan amount.

Each lender will have different finance products, rates and approval criteria. You can learn more about the different ways to apply by reading our Equipment Finance Guide.

You can see in the table below how the monthly fees can alter your monthly repayments. This is why it’s crucial to compare lenders using more than just the advertised interest rate - if you don’t, you could be locked into an agreement that costs your business thousands of dollars in fees over the loan term.

Low interest rates don't always mean the lowest repayment amount

Loan Type Loan Amount Loan Term Interest Rate Fees (monthly) Monthly Repayment
Commercial Hire Purchase $50,000 5 years 4.5% $0 $932.15
Chattel Mortgage $50,000 5 years 5.5% $0 $955.06
Finance Lease $50,000 5 years 4.5% $30 $962.15
Operating Lease $50,000 5 years 5.5% $10 $966.06
Unsecured Business Loan $50,000 5 years 10.00% $0 $1,062.35

You can see in the table above that monthly fees can impact the amount you will repay monthly. While it may not seem like a great difference in monthly repayments, the table below will show the total loan amount you would repay for each of the above finance options over the full term.

Want to see how much you’ll pay using equipment finance? Use our free equipment finance calculator to view a personalised repayment assessment.

How monthly fees can make a big difference to your total loan amount

Loan Type Loan Amount Loan Term Interest Rate Fees (monthly) Total Loan Repayment
Commercial Hire Purchase $50,000 5 years 4.5% $0 $55,929.00
Chattel Mortgage $50,000 5 years 5.5% $0 $57,303.60
Finance Lease $50,000 5 years 4.5% $30 $57,729.00
Operating Lease $50,000 5 years 5.5% $10 $57,963.60
Unsecured Business Loan $50,000 5 years 10.00% $0 $63,741.00

Equipment Finance Interest Rates Summary

The best equipment rates in Australia start from 4.00% and are fixed for the term of the loan. To get the best - i.e. lowest - rate on equipment finance, a borrower will want to present as little risk to the lender as possible. As you’ve seen above, if paying the lowest total loan amount is your goal, then you’ll also need to consider monthly fees alongside interest rates.

In summary, the best equipment finance interest rates in Australia:

  • Are offered to stable, secure businesses
  • Are offered to borrowers with a clean credit history
  • Are offered to businesses with a high monthly or annual revenue
  • Are applied to secured loans
  • Do not include high monthly fees
  • Are available from a variety of lenders