Australia's Money Matchmaker matching you with your best loans across multiple lenders
Using technology and insights I can help you navigate the world of finance so you control your money journey

Meet Money Matchmaker®

"Hey I’m Money Matchmaker®, odd name, I know, but I match people with money like dating services match people with mates. I'm super smart, I'm supported by computer engineers, math wizards and financial experts. I'm pumped full of financial info and can make decisions in seconds. I'm super discrete, I keep data locked up and always do the best I can by the people who use me. I'm full of tips and tricks so will help where I can."

Money Matchmaker

Money Matchmaker® promises to take the hard work out of financial decisions

Compare real rates and offers

Real offers, not click bait. Understand all your options and the essential information you need to make an informed decision.

Discover who you are financially

Who you are financially and how to take control of your money journey with our in-depth guides and reporting.

Find real offers tailored for you

Choose from offers matched to you by our Money Matchmaker® technology from a pool of top providers.

Personalised Offers

No advertised rates. No rate tables. No fake offers. You will see real qualified deals that are available to you with 0 impact to your credit score.

100% Free

We don't get paid to rank products higher, sell your data or add fees on. In fact when you use our services we spend $10 to ensure we show you the lowest, most unbiased, transparent offers available.

No Risk

There are no sales pitches and no impact to your credit score. Know exactly what the costs will be before choosing. No surprises.

Australia's Money Matchmaker matching you with your best loans across multiple lenders
Just like a dating app, I use your answers to show you where you are at financially and who you match with. Real offers. No ads. No markup. No hidden fees. Just the best deals available.

How Money Matchmaker® works

How we’re free

It doesn’t cost you to find your match, and we don’t get paid by partners to show one result over the other, so we will always put your best interests first.

We earn a fee from our participating partners when you choose them as your lender match, or you take out a service with them. We charge them, not you. So we don't mind who you choose, the choice is 100% yours.

Rest assured, if nothing takes your fancy, that’s ok. There is no obligation.