Australia’s Money Matchmaker™

How it works and FAQs


Your Customer's Journey

  • Copy the link from your dashboard and send it via email to your customer
  • Your customer will click on the link and be taken to the start of the matching-engine process

Money Matchmaker™ engine

  • Your customer will fill in their answers to our eligibility questions
  • They will then provide their bank statements via illion ( for our technology to analyse.Your customer will provide consent for Money Pty Ltd to get their credit file as an Access Seeker from Equifax.
  • We then run our analysis & algorithms over your clients answers, bank statements and credit file to find the best loan matches available to them. Your customer will then be shown a results screen with filters and matches to compare - we will email you with details of their results

Loan Application

  • When your customer selects ‘Choose’ on their choice of lender we will pass their data to the lender, and transfer them to that lender's application process. You will be emailed when this happens.
  • If your customer does not decide to go ahead right away we will email your customer a link to their results and then a reminder 5 days later that their rates will expire soon. The customer can come back to their results at any time in those 7 days to choose a lender.
  • Once with a lender the customer will deal with them directly. The lender will send us status updates of how the customer is progressing and we will email you those status updates.
  • When the loan has settled we will confirm that via email with you. Lastly, you’ll receive an email that your referrer payment has been made to you. Alternatively, if you have elected for your customer to receive the referral fee, we will email you the voucher to forward to them.



What notifications will I get about my client’s application?


We will send you via email and update your dashboard to show the following stages of your client’s application:

  • Completed the form and received results
  • Completed the form and received no results
  • Client has been passed to lender
  • Client’s application status with lender has changed
  • Loan has not been drawn down
  • Referrer fee payment
  • Rebate vouchers

What notifications will my client receive from your service?


We will not contact your client, we will send them two emails once they have seen results, if they do not proceed straight away:

  • A link to their results
  • A reminder that their rates expire in a few days

What integrations do you use?


We use industry standard integrations to check for eligibility:

  • **Equifax Access Seeker **- We use full comprehensive reporting as an Access Seeker - there is no impact to your clients credit file.
  • Illion Bank Statements - in certain instances, where we know that bank statement conduct may be an issue, we ask your clients to provide their bank statements.
  • Glass Guide - for accurate vehicle pricing & LVR calculations.

What types of loans can my customers find through your service?


We support all types of personal loans including;

  • Car Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Refinancing
  • Motorbike Loans
  • Boat & Jetski Loans
  • Caravan Loans
  • Home Renovation Loans
  • Holiday Loans
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Medical Loans
  • Education Loans
  • Wedding Loans

How much do I get paid?


Money will earn a referral fee from our participating lenders if the loan is drawn down by your client. The fee is the same for each lender and we charge them, not your client. We share $400 of this fee with you


When do I get paid?


We pay you on the same day the loan settles. You’ll receive an email confirming the payment has been made along with a recipient created tax invoice.


Can I pass the referrer fee on to the client?


Yes we can give your $400 share of the referrer fee back to your client in the form of vouchers, just choose the client rebate option when you set up your portal.


Can I request a demo of your system before I sign up?


Of course! Contact us and we can take you through how we can help your business and how easy it is to use.

Request a Demo

Contact us and we can take you through how we can help your business and how easy it is to use



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