How to Get a JB Hi Fi Discount

The 4 Best Ways to get a JB Hi-Fi Discount

JB Hi-Fi is arguably the leader in affordable home-entertainment products, but can you still get a discount at JB Hi-Fi in Australia in 2019? Of course! The best ways to get a discount at JB Hi-Fi are:

  • JB Hi-Fi Discount Codes
  • JB Hi-Fi Price Match
  • Discounts from JB Hi-Fi Staff
  • JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Discounts

Amazing tips for saving money at Australia’s Largest Home Entertainment Retailer

In fact, last year JB Hi-Fi pulled in an impressive $249.8 million profit, an incredible figure on its $7.1 billion revenue, and driven largely by Australian stores and boosted by strong sales from:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Computers
  • Audio Equipment
  • Video Games
  • Smart Home Devices
  • Fitness Trackers

In this 2019 update, we’re going to discuss the best ways to get a discount at JB Hi-Fi.

This guide is best suited to those wishing to purchase higher cost items such as digital cameras, computers, home audio products and anything that is over $200 dollars. In saying that, these tips do indeed work even for small products like headphones and accessories.

Find JB Hi-Fi Discount Codes

You can find JB Hi-Fi Discount Codes online. JB Hi-Fi also offers student discounts, along with Weekly ‘Instant Deals’ along with catalogue vouchers and coupons codes.

Negotiate using JB Hi-Fi Price Match

JB Hi-Fi has a policy that states they won’t be beaten on price; this means they are willing to block a sale with another retailer even if it means a slight loss or significantly reduced profit margin.

Get discounts from JB Hi-Fi Staff

There are numerous signs stating ‘ask for a JB deal’ which is them telling you they are open to discounting and offering a reduced price; all you have to do is ask.

In fact, asking for a discount is encouraged. Here’s what you can do to save a heap of money; simply state the previously quoted price and ask if they can please discount the product further for a quick sale.

Browse JB Hi-Fi Catalogue Discounts

A great example of JB Hi-Fi catalogue discounts is their Black Friday discount offers. Regularly browse the store’s catalogue either in print or online, and look for hot deals - you can also use these prices as a comparison point when negotiating a price using the method below.

How to negotiate a discount when buying from JB Hi-Fi

JB Hi-Fi is synonymous with laptops, TVs, gadgets, movies and music. As it turns out, many Australian’s love to spend on these products which is likely the reason that JB Hi-Fi continues to do well; regardless of the economy and those trying to save money.

Though a little known fact about JB Hi-Fi is that it is easier than you may think to ask for a bargain, negotiate and get a better price – all you have to do is ask for a discount.

Here we describe the best ways to get a JB Hi-Fi discount using price matching and how to get around sales tactics to get a low-price deal.

1. Get a baseline price from another retailer

Prior to visiting JB Hi-Fi, you will need to visit another retailer such as Bing Lee, Big W, Harvey Norman or some other large franchise. The goal here is to obtain a baseline quote for the product you wish to buy - ideally in writing - however, a verbal quote is also acceptable.

Once you have your quote from this alternative retailer, it’s time to visit JB Hi-Fi for a proper discount.

2. Find a JB staff member and explain what you want to buy

Tell the staff member you are ready to purchase your product, but need them to help you out with a deal. Explain to them that you visited the previous retailer, didn’t feel a good vibe with the sales member and want a better price.

3. When JB Hi-Fi state they can’t do any better on the price

If they say they can’t do any better. tell the sales assistant you would much rather not walk back to the other store, and that even $5 to $10 off would persuade you to buy the product. 99 per cent of the time you won’t have to resort to this, as the JB Hi-Fi staff member will offer a lower price than your previous quote immediately. They will then offer you a price.

4. Tell them the deal is accepted conditionally with one more thing

If the price they offer you is better than your original quote; accept it, conditionally. What do we mean by conditionally? JB Hi-Fi makes the majority of its money from accessories and small items when a big-ticket item is sold:

  • Laptops need laptop bags
  • iPods need expensive headphones
  • Cameras need memory cards, bags and extra batteries
  • TV’s need HDMI cables
  • Phones need cases
  • Printers need ink

When you go to JB Hi-Fi for your discounted purchase, go in knowing all of the accessories your purchase will require. You can then haggle down the price by bundling them into your larger purchase.

Why are JB Hi-Fi accessories often discounted?

Accessories and smaller items carry much larger margins when it comes to electronics. This means JB Hi-Fi have significant room to move on price. Tell your sales assistant that you will definitely purchase the big-ticket item at the agreed price; as long as they help you out on the price of your required accessories.

For example, you may need to purchase a laptop, in which case you could find an expensive wireless mouse, carry bag and a range of cables offered at a full 50 per cent discount with no questions asked.

If you follow the steps above, the staff member will have invested a significant amount of time with you; it’s highly likely that they will happily oblige you with a range of accessories at a reduced rate.

What can I not get a discount on at JB Hi-Fi?

  • Apple computers, laptops and iPads

Apple products have significantly lower profit margins. This is done intentionally by Apple to control pricing across multiple retailers. This means that most big-ticket Apple items provide the seller with a very small profit, and means JB are less likely, if not unable, to move on price.

Why do JB Hi-Fi carry Apple products if they make so little from them?

  • The products are popular and customers expect to find such items at JB.
  • The products drive significant foot traffic into the store, which leads to other purchases.
  • Apple accessories make JB lots of money; they have huge margins.

So while JB may be unable to move greatly on Apple products, the accessories have a lot of room for bargaining and discounts.

Do you have any other tips on how to get a discount at JB Hi-Fi?

Send them through to and if they’re as good as the ones we have here, you might just find them included in our Best Ways to get a JB Hi-Fi Discount in 2020 update!

JB Hi-Fi Discount FAQ

How can I get a discount at JB Hi-Fi?

JB Hi-Fi makes the majority of its money from accessories and small items when a big-ticket item is sold. When you go to JB Hi-Fi for your discounted purchase, note down all of the accessories your purchase will require, then ask for a discount by bundling them into your larger purchase.

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