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Here at we want to make managing money easy and fun for all Australians, by providing them with tools that match them to the best information possible so they can make informed decisions about their money.

We are about transparency, ease of use, information and choice for the consumer, all supplied through cutting-edge technology.

There are a number of ways you can partner with us to help your business.

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Use our Money Matchmaker® with your customers

What we do for your customers:

  • Save them time, we match them with up to multiple lenders at once
  • Make sure they don’t overpay - we show them the best interest rates and repayments from each lender they match with
  • Give them personalised information - the rates are based on who they are and where they are at in life
  • Give them control- no obligations, just the facts, make an informed choice
  • 100% free - there are no middlemen, marked up pricing or broker fees. (We get paid by the lender)

What we do for your business:

  • Provide you with a simple smart form for your customers to use - it can be white labelled, incorporated via API into existing flows, co-branded or referred
  • 100% online secure process
  • Share lead revenue with you
  • Allow you to do the best for your customer with no broker fees and the best rates: like going direct to a lender

Become a partner

What we do

  • Minimise drop off points
  • Our customers are ready to purchase, so no tyre kickers
  • We remove price shock by showing the customers your real rates, pricing, products and information, so they are already warmed up
  • We do bank statement and credit score knockouts so our customers match your product criteria
  • Less cool down time, as all partners are compared at once, no more shopping around
  • Our customers are informed borrowers, they know about your pricing, company and plans already
  • Supply real customer contact details as they are ready to purchase
  • Give you improved conversion rate on leads