How Money Matchmaker® works

Australia's Money Matchmaker matching you with your best loans across multiple lenders
Just like a dating app, I use your answers to match you with up to 11 lenders. Real rates. No ads. No markup. No hidden fees. Just the best deals available.

How Money Matchmaker® works

Meet Money Matchmaker®

"Hey I’m Money Matchmaker®, I have a team of wizards making me super smart. I’ve been loaded up with all the information that lenders use to make a decision on whether they will lend you money, how much they will lend and at what interest rate. I'll show you the best loan matches available to you with no hidden fees, no broker fees and no fake rates."

Money Matchmaker

Money Matchmaker® promises to take the hard work out of financial decisions

Compare real rates and offers

Real offers, not click bait. Understand all your options and the essential information you need to make an informed decision.

Discover who you are financially

Who you are financially and how to take control of your money journey with our in-depth guides and reporting.

Find real offers tailored for you

Choose from offers matched to you by our Money Matchmaker® technology from a pool of top providers.

Get the best loan offers


Why use Money Matchmaker® to find your personal loan

Money Matchmaker is 100% free to use

Compare real loan rates that you qualify for with your answers matched to lender rules. No fees, ads, sponsored rates.

Money Matchmaker puts you in control of your loan choices

See all your options. Get the facts. Choose the loan that works best for you with 0 impact to your credit score.

Money Matchmaker saves you time looking for your loan

All the research, analysis and shopping around with lenders is compiled for you using our industry leading algorithm to accurately match you.

Personalised Rates

No advertised rates. No rate tables. You will see real qualified rates for loans that are available to you with 0 impact to your credit score.

100% Free

We don't get paid to rank products higher, sell your data or add fees on to your loan. In fact when you use our service we spend $10 to ensure we show you the lowest, most unbiased, transparent rates.

No Risk

There are no follow up calls, no sales pitches and no impact to your credit score. Know exactly what the costs will be before choosing a lender. No surprises.

Only your best loan deals



Why do you need so much information to match me?

Being a Money Matchmaker® requires detail, we want to ensure we are being responsible and giving you the best possible results we can, so information is critical. The more our Matchmaker engine understands you, the better we can be sure we have found your right match.

Lenders have things they are looking for too in matches, and we have all that information loaded into our Money Matchmaker® engine. So your information is matched to their information to give you a personalised rate for their products from the lenders that like what they see.

All the information we ask from you is necessary, we don’t ask anything a lender won’t ask if you went directly to them, and if you choose a lender match, we share that information, with your permission, with them to help get your relationship off the ground as quickly as possible.

What happens to my information after I complete the matching process?

If you choose one of your lender matches we share the information you’ve provided, with your permission, into their systems to help get your relationship off the ground quickly. They’ll ask you for some more information as your relationship progresses, but we’ve gotten everything they need to start the process.

If you choose not to continue or you need some time to think, we save your information and your personal match results page for 7 days in our secure Money Matchmaker® engine.

We will never sell or pass your data on without your permission, so your information is safe with us

What are lenders looking for in a match?

  • Loan amount
  • Reason for loan
  • Credit Score
  • Income
  • Surplus
  • Age
  • Residency Status
  • Relationship status
  • Dependents
  • Employment information
  • Living arrangements
  • Any recent negative financial habits
  • Vehicle information

How do you make money?

It doesn’t cost you to find your match, and we don’t get paid by lenders to show one result over the other, so we will always put your best interests first.

We earn a fee from our participating lenders when you choose them as your lender match, or you take out a loan with them. We charge them, not you. So we don't mind who you choose, the choice is 100% yours.

Rest assured, if nothing takes your fancy, that’s ok. There is no obligation.

Why do I have to give you bank statement information?

Bank statement data is the quickest way for our Money Matchmaker® to find what lenders are looking for. The Money Matchmaker® is the only thing that looks at your statements, no people are involved, and it checks for:

  • Income
  • Surplus
  • Dishonours
  • Overdrawn
  • Other lender loans
  • Gambling
  • Payday account clearing
  • Defaults
  • Unpaid credit card debit

We pass your statement on to your lender match if you choose one, so they don’t have to ask for the same data again.

We ask you to login via a secure 3rd party provider, they are an Australian leading provider in bank statement data so are incredibly secure. Your login details are never stored. You can find out more about them here:

Why is my matched rate higher than a rate I’ve seen advertised by the lender?

Advertised rates on rate checker sites or in promotions are always subject to terms and conditions and eligibility criteria. The rates we show you when you’re matched by our Money Matchmaker® are the same ones you would be shown if you enquired directly with a lender.

They take into account all your circumstances, terms and conditions and fees to give you the final and best rate you are eligible for.

How many matches will I see?

We run your answers against all 11 of our lenders at once, you could be shown anywhere from 0-11 matches depending on your compatibility.

What information do you show me when I’m matched?

  • Total repayment amount - weekly, fortnightly or monthly
  • Interest Rate
  • Any one-off Fees
  • Any ongoing fees
  • Application process
  • Approval timings
  • Final Comparison Rate
  • Total amount to repay
  • Dishonour/Late Payment Fees
  • Key points of difference about the lender
  • Any promotions or special offers the lender currently has

What is a comparison rate showing me?

This is not comparing interest rates, it’s telling you the total interest rate you will pay on the loan with all fees and costs included calculated as an annual percentage rate. Always look and compare the comparison rate with different lenders, not the initial rate, as that’s not the actual rate you’ll be paying. Comparison Rates were introduced by the Australian government to make it easier for you to compare car loans with the true cost of the loan (interest + fees).

Why didn’t I receive any matches?

We feel terrible when this happens, but not showing you a match can be for a few reasons:

  • Your name, address or birth date wasn’t correct so we couldn’t match you as a real person
  • The information we asked you for wasn’t complete
  • ID information you provided was valid
  • Your answers didn’t match our lenders answers quite right so we couldn’t give you the perfect match

What can I do if I don’t get matched?

We are here to help, we do have loan experts you can talk to if the Money Matchmaker® is unable to match you. A loan expert can work with you to overcome challenges you may experience when trying to get a loan. If you've been rejected before, have bad credit or low docs, an expert can be just the ticket. Leave us a message if you'd like to talk to someone.

Why do you need my personal details and how safe are they?

Matches are based on your circumstances, we can’t give you an accurate match without knowing who you are. Part of that process is to get your credit score so we need the correct information to access your Equifax report, we need to make sure it’s your information not anyone else’s. To know it’s you Equifax needs to know:

  • Full name as it appears on your license/passport
  • Date of birth as it appears on your license/passport
  • Current physical address

These details are complete safe with us, you can read more about our protection of your data here in privacy policy

What information will I need to apply for a loan with my lender match?


  • Drivers license OR
  • Passport OR
  • Birth certificate
  • Medicare card may be required

Income and employment

  • Three recent payslips OR
  • Two years of tax returns (if self-employed)
  • Latest bank statements
  • Your after-tax income
  • Employment information and employer's contact details

Assets and liabilities

  • Details of properties or large assets (such as car) that you own
  • Your ongoing expenses
  • Credit card or store card limits
  • Details of loans or overdrafts

Vehicle details (car loans only)

  • Make, model, year and colour
  • Registration number
  • Purchase price

When I choose a match, how long will it take to receive my funds?

It depends on the lender but anywhere from 24hours to 2 business days from approval. You can find out more about their application process, approval times and funds process in their bios.

How long are my match rates valid for?

We honour them for up to 7 days, after that we can't guarantee things haven't changed with the lender so we would need you to taking the matching quiz again.

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